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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.51
Signed: Yes

Short description: Allows to accelerate the in-game daytime maintaining the rest of the simulation normal "speed" intact.

Date: 2013-09-15 11:22

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TimeXleration SP


Allows to accelerate the in-game daytime maintaining the rest of the simulation normal "speed" intact:
    - New version includes a settings panel for on the fly setup
    - All settings are updated realtime (care was taken but beware: you may hog your CPU)
    - New version allows basic Weather manipulation

Extract into the ArmA 3 Directory, by default this is located in:
32-Bit - C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/ArmA 3/
64-Bit - C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/ArmA 3/
After extraction it should look like this:
Steam/Steamapps/Common/ArmA 3/@your_mod_folder_name

You can also use the "Arma 3 Alpha" folder in your "My Documents" folder. Your folder setup could than look like for example this:
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name\
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name\
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name\

Place the "userconfig" folder into your game install folder, usually:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3".

You'll also need to add a Launch Parameter to Steam, in order to do so right-click on ArmA 3 Alpha and click Properties and then Set Launch Options. In the window that opens enter in -mod=@your_mod_folder_name
For using multiple mods you would then do so like this:

You can also use -nosplash to get rid of the splash art and intro videos.

And of course you can also enable and disable community made addons and mods through the in-game Options Expansions menu if you do not want to mess with startup parameters!

When the above information still does not provide you with enough to learn how to install custom addons and mods you can always ask in our Guide On Installing Mods.

Included files:

Script comes in two versions, as a mission addon which you can configure in your missions init or as a game addon providing a panel for easy set up.

To access the panel use:
(0-8-1) (both versions)
Choose settings (or accept defaults)
Click the button "Run" (you may then change settings while "Running")
(Note: checkbox "Realtime" is disabled though it is in effect)

Currently with the new settings panel pretty much everything is self explanatory:
Acceleration Factor (-600 ... +600)
60 will make a in-game minute pass in a real second | 600 - 10 game minutes in 1 real second | etc...
negative values make the time go backwards
values between -1 and +1 correspond to slow motion effect

Updates Rate (0.001 ... 33)
= Updates per second - basically a smoothing slider, values above 15 achieve good enough results

Simulation Factor (0.001 ... 4)
official time compressor, accelerates everything including animations, etc.

The setting which may stress more the CPU is Update Rate, a value of 30 provides the smoothest results, impacts around 2-4 fps in an i3770k, depending also on generated weather. A value of 20 should be a good compromise. (a warning signal may be added latter on in case the calculation lags).

All Arma Weather settings (wip)*

* Still missing waves and lightning settings
Note that some values, stay “locked”/”freezed” depending on mission INTEL settings (manual/auto checkboxes), and other more obscure factors. (We’re testing alpha!)
Apparently overcast value is the one with the most impact on processing, specially with combinations of high Acceleration Factor and higher cloud coverages. I advise for now to use direct input of value or steping on the sliderbar instead of sliding it.

Multiplayer test version:
This is being made for multiplayer as well but need more testing. Serveradmins can download a MP version from here.
Please post your feedback!


signature keys are included but a multiplayer environment as not been tested, and this is just that type of think that is prone to break on this regard. (Players will not share in-game date/time)

- Add remaining weather settings
- Check the time until next weather changes
- Add the possibility to compress nightime for another factor

Credits & Thanks:
- Iceman77 for helpful dialog tutorial
- Whole community for the help given in learning ArmA scripting and making the ArmA experience even better
- BIS for the awesome sandbox

- Moved menu up to account for lower resolutions

- Corrected bug in accessing the menu
- Menu access is now the same for mod and mission installs (0-8-1)*
* it uses default BIS facility to add menus, if other mods use the same method the last number shortcut may vary (less risk of incompatibility)
- TimeXleration stamp is now shown for the first 5 seconds of activation only (to facilitate video making using the addon)

- Code optimization (care in extreme values still applies)
- Updated rate now tied to current FPS value (this allows much smoother effect)
- Some new weather settings made available
- Minor dialog corrections
- Demo video added

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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