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Requirements: .NET Framework 4+

Version: 0.3

Short description: A mission generator and script directory for Arma 2

Date: 2013-05-19 14:12

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AnvilMG - Arma Mission Generator

Will Hart

AnvilMG is an Open Source desktop mission generator meant to take the grunt work out of generating mission boilerplate. It lets you set up your own custom groups complete with default scripts and loadouts and with one click build a unique single player or multiplayer.

Version 0.2 is currently undergoing testing but will be linked to the online directory of scripts at to let you download and include SQF files in your application with a single click. This version will also support a greater number of maps and units out of the box.

  • Generate custom or even scripted missions with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Use the mission generation wizard to set up intel, time of day, required scripts and the units that will fight it out.
  • Click "generate" and export a complete mission folder (or copy and paste the SQM file manually)
  • Jump right in and play or customise further in the Arma editor

Download the archive, unzip to any directory. Double click the AnvilMG.exe icon to run.


This is a functioning preview release showing early features - in particulr only support for USMC units is built in.

- New "Capture" mission type generator
- New "Patrol" and "Air Patrol" mission type generators
- New units added, now ACE and RU, US and INS units supported
- Select generator type in UI
- Add map markers
- Optionally add waypoints for BLUFOR
- Support for Chernarus, Takistan and Lingor
- Text box to filter unit type in mission generator wizard
- Add "airfield" type spawn points for air patrol missions
- Units and Groups are all named in the mission SQM to make scripting easier

v0.2 (Preview)
- the default mission generator creates a defensive missions including triggers and waypoints
- significantly more units available in the editor including Insurgent and Russian troops
- scripts can be uploaded to and browsed in the software
- scripts can be automatically downloaded from and included with your mission
- automatically generate a mission folder and include any selected scripts

v0.1 (Preview)
- Custom data manager
- Mission generator wizard
- A very small number of units (but you can make your own)

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- BI forums

- .NET Framework 4+

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