Christian.1987's Mp7 Arma 3 port updated
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GvsE ported with permission, Christian.1987's mp7 to Arma 3 and released a small hotfix on the BI forums.
We have merged the hotfix already so you only need to download one file.

    Quote GvsE :
    This is my port of Christian.1987's mp7, originally released for Arma 2.
    Compatible with different attachments thanks to various extra configs.

    • makes the sounds compatible with the dev branch and the upcoming stable patch.
    • makes the mod compatible with asdg joint rails

Mp7 v2.3.2

Only required if you wish to use any of the additional configs:
- FHQ config:
FHQ Accessories pack
- FHQ + R3F config:
FHQ Accessories pack and R3F French Weapons Pack
- FHQ + R3F + Scope Mod A3 + Susat Scope config:
FHQ Accessories pack, R3F French Weapons Pack, Scope Mod A3 and Susat Scope
- Scope Mod A3 config:
Scope Mod A3
- R3F config:
R3F French Weapons Pack

Written on 2014-07-15 17:07 by GvsE  

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