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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: A tool to convert biedi files to sqm

Date: 2013-03-21 08:20

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Converter biedi to sqm



Installation / Usage:
Files created biedi 3D editor Arma2 and contain information about the balance of objects. Discussion of the work of the 3D editor - here.
At the moment, the only way to export from 3D editor in 2D - it mission.sqf, which need to be initialized at the start of the mission, but it is inconvenient for the reason that work directly with the placement of objects in a 2D editor is impossible.
This program is provided to convert directly into mission.sqm.
Carries out in biedi sqm units, vehicles, triggers, waypoints, markers, intel, objectComposition.

@ 3de_conv put folder in the game directory and to register as a mod (in
tag game add-mod = @ 3de_conv). It is an addon
(SHK_3de_conv_fix.pbo), correcting the positioning of objects in
3d editor. Objects placed without this addon
will be in the 3D editor is not in their positions.

DynO.cpp and folder DynO ...
Must be in the same directory 3de_conv.exe
DynO.cpp contains default class encores CfgObjectCompositions. Need to obtain the name of the script composition.
In your default scripts are DynO encores. Their composition of objects can be added to the program, similar to this.

Drag mission.biedi on the program icon (3de_conv.exe).
In the folder where the mission.biedi is located, will be created a mission.sqm but if it already exists then it will be overwritten!

Additional parameters (only the 1):
Intro - Convert as entry missions
Win - Convert a conclusion, (victory) mission
Loose - Convert a report (defeated) mission
Example (label program, the field site):
"C:\3de_conv\3de_conv.exe" intro "C: \ 3de_conv \ 3de_conv.exe" intro
Drag mission.biedi at this label.

Existing mission.sqm will be overwritten, not updated!

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