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Requirements: ARMA III

Version: Beta 1.6

Short description: Onboard Little Bird FLIRcam.

Date: 2013-04-04 19:16

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Onboard Heli Flir Cam + Semi Tracking [ALPHA]


Messing around with the PnP fnc, I got this working...
This is mainly a concept project and as such it is pretty rough right now.

Thermal, night and standard all work great.
Night vision is beautiful actually!

Extract the mission to your mydocuments\arma 3 alpha\mpmissions (make a mpmissions folder if you dont have one).
Start Multiplayer, then either play the mission, or edit it.
I always go in as co-pilot as the AI is set to hover.
The second target car is a bit dumb, a target has to be within 500mtrs to be able to be acquired..

You will also see I have added doors, flir camera, guns and missiles to the heli.. Just look in the helis init to see the commands.
Although doors, and the guns don't work at the moment on the LB as it originally is the unarmed version.
Another small script will be released to show all available.
Oh, and when you add doors, you get an extra bit of pilot animation climbing into the heli! :)

ARMA III could be a modders dream

List of available addons for helis. Most of them work for the LBs just now.. Couldn't find anythign that works for the KA class.

Some key presses are available just now, still to do a bit of work on that.
Num pad 7, 8 and 9 will swap cam to day, thermal and night vision respectively.


Known issues:
- Couple of debug hints left in.
- Some strange camera angles due to not finding the correct positioning of the camera right now. Hopefully fix that when I can work out how to control the camera movement via commands rather than locks just now!

To do:
- Smoothing camera movement code.
- Getting camera to show for all occupants of heli...
- Code by Blakeace will be used (with permission) to smooth the camera movement in a future release...

Credits & Thanks:
FK2_SEL for answering a few questions surrounding variables... Turned out I had been editing the worng files for 3 hours!
A huge thanks to Blakeace from the forums for letting me use some of his code, mainly used to display the elevation and azimuth for the camera, thank you Blake.
Someone from the TOH forums, cant remember who fo rthe exact position of the flir cam.

- elevation and azimuth for the camera.
- Movement for the camera, WIP right now.. The movement is a bit weird just now, once you get past a certain angle you need to use another direction.. As I said WIP and will be fixed in a future release..
- Max zoom and Min zoom levels have been tweaked.
- Lock nearest target is within 999mtrs.
- Loss of auto zoom is now 2000mtrs or below 0.09 zoom level..
- Display of auto zoom levels, you should see it tracking to keep the vehicle centered.
- Marker displayed over vehicle, removable.
- Plus a few other tweaks and code revisions.

v Beta 1.0
- Auto zoom depending on distance from locked vehicle.
- Add and remove markers to show vehicle tracked.
- Fixed below heli view, showing mirrored, now normal.
- Minimum zoom is now set at camPrepareFOV 1
- Maximum zoom is now set at camPrepareFOV 0.2

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