Author: xXCreepyGuyXx
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Requirements: Arma 2
Island(s): Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: 3.0

Date: 2013-03-26 10:46

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Man Hunt


My version of my manhunt is that The Hunters(6 default) hunt down the Runners(10 default) Now the Runners are (Civilains and Independent) and the hunters are (BLUFOR and OPFOR) Switch them around if you like. There is a few things that still need improving but for the most it is finished. Vehicles are placed at Hiding spots in towns, weapons are at weapons spots, Theirs also an optional imprisonment camp for hunters to use for torturing there victems. Rules, How-To-Play, and credits are on the map. borderline so people cant leave(There are no land mines but im trying to figure out creative ways of stopping them, it will come up in another update i guess.

I've added a few cool scripts for my version of manhunt.(no this was not taken, this man hunt is complete made from scratch!) So to start off, I added Changeable Clothes Script by WoodyUK. There are examples of this script in the BLUFOR units, the changing can get buggy because i tried adding multiple snipers for the script. didnt work out so well. Ill paste the original script to fix the issue in UniSwitch.sqf(which the .zip should include a .pbo and the folder so you can edit the mission in editor to how you want it.) The next one is Simple Vehicle Respawn script by Tophe which i think we all know what it does. the respawn script can be found in the folder and examples are the Hunters vehicles. And lastly the DMZ Delete script by Demonized, which cleans up dead bodys, crash/destroyed vehicles which is kinda handy if there is lag starting when there are multiple crash sites and destroyed vehicles and bodys everywhere. there is a song in the sound folder, I tryed adding a song in the mission but it didnt work.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2/MPMissions folder.

For the editing version just drop/or extract the Folder Man_Hunt_V3_MP.Takistan inside your Arma2 Missions or MPMissions in Documents.

Known issues:
Well if you asking that question, you probably would be reading this. Not entirely. There is alot to add and finish in this but its playable. Ill be updating it and adding new awesome scripts to this mission/gamemode or whatever and ill move some of the vehicles and weapons around so they dont stay in one place. I hope you enjoy this mission and have fun playing or editing the mission for you own.

The mission isnt entirely great so I hope you guys like the mission and have much fun as I have with my friends with this mission. I also host my own manhunt server but its hosted by me so it is not 24/7, The server will only be up when im up. Im on steam and skype so fill free to ask questions or even just send an invite to me if you want to join me and my friends on the server. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

Credits & thanks:
Mission Made by - xXCreepyGuyXx
Changeable Clothes Script - WoodyUK
Simple Vehicle Respawn Script - Tophe
DMZ Delete Script - Demonized

- Arma 2

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