Very simple silent takedown script by Zodd
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Zodd released updated versions of his Silent Takedown script for Arma 2 and Arma 3 on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Zodd :
    This script simulates a silent attack (eg. knife) on an individual. If you get within range (2m in this case) you have the option (addaction - red, top most action) to do a 'silent takedown'
    That will kill the unit to your immediate front (takes 1.5 seconds to complete the kill).

    I would see it being used for silent takedowns of sentries etc. (Better than using silenced weapons as they still make some noise - disadvantage is it is riskier as you need to get very close and it isnt instant)

    I have seen several threads (mainly in the Arma 3 forums) talking about silent takedowns for stealth missions and if BI will incorporate it. I thought it would be pretty simple to do so I had a crack at it. That is the story how this version of simple silent takedown script was born!

    • version: 1.3:
        - Removed ability to target friendly soldiers with takedown
        - Added ability to disable the hint text
    • version: 1.2:
        - Reworked script. Instead of silent takedown actions on the target, all individuals that are able to attempt the takedown are assigned the ability through an addaction.
        - Added MP compatibility (respawn with action)
        - Added extra variables and individual unit customisation
        - Added 'killed by' hint to show melee kills
    • version: 1.1:
        - Amended script - doesnt remove addaction now when dead. Initial MP compatability attempts

Written on 2013-03-31 11:14 by Zodd  

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