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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: CEX is a script addon that enables players to control multiple groups.

Date: 2009-03-18 20:17

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COC Command Engine X

Like its predecessors in OFP, CEX is a script addon that enables players to control multiple groups. Units are organized in hierarchical command chains allowing the representation of real life military units such as platoons, companies or battalions.

CEX functionality can be incorporated into any mission. Mission designers have full control over the command structures and can freely assign command capabilities to the players.

CEX is designed to be fully multiplayer compatible. Players can take any position within the command structure on any side, be it commander-in-chief, squad leader or private.

CEX commanders control their subordinate units via an intuitive graphical user interface which borrows elements found in real-time strategy games. Despite the intention to grant easy access, the underlying system is intended as a realistic simulation of higher-level combat in ArmA.

The addon contains several fully playable missions as well as templates for mission designers to base their own missions on.

- Put the contents of addons\ into the ArmA addon folder
- Put the contents of missions\ into your ArmA User mission folder
- Put the contents of CEXTemplates\ into your ArmA User mission folder

      coc_cex.pbo - CEX addon
      coc_markers.pbo - Extended markers addon by Leonardus
      coc_ns.pbo - Network Services addon by Pennywise
      CEX test mission and template missions in editable format
      CEX_Manual.pdf - CEX User and Mission Editor Reference
      CEX_Templates.pdf - Template Missions Reference
      Markers_Manual.pdf - Marker Reference
      Markers_Readme.txt - Marker Readme
      NSA_Readme.txt - Network Services Readme
      - CEX_License.rtf - End-User Licensing Agreement
Included missions:
    - CEX Demo Missions (included in addon, playable in ArmA under
    Missions->CEX Demo Missions) by Snake Man:
      - Demo 1 (Light Assault)
      - Demo 2 (Heavy Assault)
      - Demo 3 (Search and Rescue)
      - Demo 4 (Defend)

    - CEX Template Missions (in editable format, see 'CEX_Templates.pdf'
    for more details on the command structures) by jens198:
      - Team Bravo
      - USMC Light Infantry Company
      - USMC Rifle Platoon (+Test)
      - USMC Squad (+Test)

    - CEX Test Mission in editable format
    This mission is mainly intended for testing and diagnostic purposes.
    It contains some advanced elements for mission designer. In addition,
    it is currently the only MP-enabled mission with several player slots.
Important notes:
1) Please remember that this a beta release. CEX has grown into a sizable system, so please expect some bugs and glitches.

This is especially true in multiplayer, where CEX has not received full testing yet. Currently, only the test mission is MP-enabled out of the box.

2) We will do our best to make future CEX version back-compatible. We can not guarantee, though, that missions created for the present version will work without problems with the gold release version. While you are of course free tocreate missions now, please be aware of this possible caveat.

Known issues:
- When using the CEX interface as a vehicle commander, map clicks are also interpreted as
move orders to the vehicle driver

- Missions by Snakeman
- Template Missions by Jens
- Extended Marker Addon by Leonardus
- Final testing by Killswitch and lwlooz

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