ToadBall's M16A4 Example [ALPHA]
Editing and Scripts

ToadBall released his M16A4 Example on the BI forums.
The archive we host contains both the M16A4 Example pbo as well as the MLOD, model.cfg and config.cpp.

    Quote ToadBall :
    I as well as a fair few others have been tinkering around getting to grips with the new features for weapons, I feel I've had some success with my efforts and figured I'd put forward the results.

    Using the Armed Assault 1 and Arma 2 sample model packs I have cobbled together a plain jane M16A4 that is compatible with all the current Alpha weapon attachments and weapon sights.
    I have also included the MLOD, model.cfg and config.cpp files used in the addon as a seperate download so that it could maybe be a bit of help to those looking at incorporating the new features into their weapon addon/s.
    The MLOD and config files are being released under the same licence that the donor sample models were.

Written on 2013-03-26 08:15 by toadball  

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