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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2016-07

Short description: The Dos Tool kit contains over twenty different exe's to ease the burden.

Date: 2016-07-27 19:37

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Mikero's Dos Tools


Linux tarballs for all tools are available in both toolsets

The Free Road Test Tools were updated to the latest subscriber versions in July 2016.

Obfuscation and/or compression are disabled in the free versions, and some dozen additional tools (such as dep3d, moveFolder) are not in the free toolset.

for a full list of tools and what each one does visit

The Subscriber Tools contain more than twenty different exe's to ease the burden, chief among them
PboProject . will create dozens of pbos in one button push with savage error checking and obfuscation (optional)
Rapify/Derapify/LintCheck : all cpp, rvmat and mission sqm's
ConvertWrp: to pew
MoveObject: absolute must for repathing p3d's, wrps, and rvmats
Eliteness: An all in one gui that works from ofp cwc thru to Arrowead. You can inspect the inner contents of p3d, rtm, pbo's, fxy,wss, wrp, pew and etc etc.
:Powerful lintchecking on most file formats to checkfor corruption and or missing files.
:Make and extract pbo's, wash the dishes and make coffee too.

The heart of all mikero's bis tools is dePbo64.dll. Updates and improvements to this dll average once/week for past 7 years. Updates to exes rarely happen.

Depbo should be placed in your windows\system32 folder for each an any tool.exe to gain access to one, common driver.
Alternatively, simply place the dll in the same folder as the exe.

- updates to dep3d and friends (eliteness) for better decoding of arma3 p3d's
- pboProject which replaces BI's binPbo / AddonBuilder and builds islands 'correctly' The bis equivalents cannot do so without some serious stuffing about.
- improvements to deKey to ensure correct version2 bisign files (*some*) arma3 alphas were occasionally incorrect.
- small fixes to dews to properly decode (and encode) stereo channels. Eliteness now uses this decoder to autoplay wss files

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- Mikero's Dos Tools

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