Arma2 preview
Arma2 preview

Czech server released a new Arma 2 preview. I (VojtzechGamer) tried to translate it, but english isn't my native language so excuse me if there are any grammar errors and typos.

Article :
We saw just announced continuation of armed assault (originally known as a game 2) in action. And the project leader Marek Španěl answered us a lot of questions.

Date of release is set on June 2008, but like Maruk said it can be 6 months later or sooner.

Arma 2 will be fully supporting dx10 and Windows Vista

Whole Chernarus has 300 square kilometers and everything is created 1:1 exactly same as Czech středohoří.

Read the complete translation in our forums

Written on 2007-09-01 09:18 by Armaholic  

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