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Short description: Simplifies the script communication between machines in a network.

Date: 2013-03-27 19:32

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ASCOM Framework [ALPHA]

Engima of Östgöta Ops

The Arma Script Communication (ASCOM) Framework is a framework that greatly simplifies SQF script communication between machines in a multiplayer mission. The ASCOM framework makes it possible to “call a function on another machine” in the same way that you call a function on the local machine. You can also return values to the caller in a usual manner, even when the caller is on another machine. These calls can be made in a script on any machine on the network. It is efficient, robust and does not require much bandwidth or CPU.

Within the ASCOM framework, these functions are called “Network Functions”. A network function is actually just like any other function. The ASCOM framework (which comes with an editor) then generates code that handles communication between machines on the network, which enables you to execute your functions on machines of your choice at each call.

Assume you have a function named "ShowMessage" that shows a message on its client. With the ASCOM Framework you can run that function on all machines by the following call:
[“Mission completed!”] call ShowMessageClients;

As an another example, assume you have an MP mission, and when a JIP player connects its client needs to get the current tasks and their status from the server. In the init.sqf for the client you can make the following call to execute the function GetCurrentTaskStates on the server and have it return the task states across the network:
_taskStateList = call GetCurrentTaskStatesServer;

No installation. Simply execute the file "ASCOM Editor.exe".

Works for Arma 2 and Arma 3.

Package contains:
- The ASCOM Editor (.NET 4.0 executable).
- The ASCOM Manual (.PDF)
- Demo mission for Arma 3.
- Demo mission for Arma 2.


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