AI Spawn Script Pack by spunFIN updated
Editing and Scripts

SpunFIN released an updated version of his AI Spawn Script Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote spunFIN :
    I didn't find ACM from editor so I decided to do something "similar" and ended up building a pack of scripts I use in my own missions. Package includes instructions and example missions for everything.

    Okay, time to update! Version 1.0
    This one is the .sqf versions with many changes and fixes. Package includes fairly simple example missions and documentation. Flash app for the init lines is also coming soon!
    I tried my best to also update all comments in the scripts.

    There's some new parameters allowing some more customization that people have requested.
    Also one major change is that all the classnames for AI comes now from LV\config_aissp.hpp.

    • So many changes and improvements that I can't even list them up for you!
    • Special thanks to Haz for pushing me into using .hpp's!

Written on 2017-03-19 17:34 by Armaholic  

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