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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 4/6/2013 2

Short description: Shows the path of the projectile in slow motion until it hits a target or another object. Singleplayer ONLY.

Date: 2013-04-06 22:21

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Bullet Cam Script [ALPHA]

Big Dawg KS ported to Arma 3 by cobra4v320

Shows the path of the projectile in slow motion until it hits a target or another object. Singleplayer ONLY.

Installation / Usage:
* To exit the camera ingame (while in flight), press the numberpad key zero.
* To add supported weapons, add MUZZLE classnames to _list (note: classnames are CASE SENSITIVE)
* To disable bullet cam, set BDKS_DisableBulletCam = true
* To disable blur effects, set BDKS_BulletCamNoBlur = true
* To disable particle effects, set BDKS_BulletCamNoParticleFX = true
* To change FOV (zoom), change the value of BDKS_BulletCamFOV (default 0.05). Ex: BDKS_BulletCamFOV = 0.3
* To change time acceleration, change the value of BDKS_BulletCamAccTime (default 0.5). Ex: BDKS_BulletCamAccTime = 0.2 (Note: AccTime only works in Singleplayer)
* To make another unit's (other than local player) bullet cam show for the local player, set unit variable BDKS_ShowBulletCamToPlayer = true, ex: if(local Spotter)then{Sniper setVariable ["BDKS_ShowBulletCamToPlayer",true]}

this addEventHandler ["fired",{_this call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "bulletCam.sqf"}]


I would only recommend this for rockets and the sniper rifles.

Credits & Thanks:
Created by Big Dawg KS for ARMA 2: Improved Bullet Cam Script
I have attempted to contact Big Dawg KS, he hasn't been on here in over 7 months according to his profile and his private message box is full.

4/6/2013 2
- Added a check to see if there were enemies within 100 meters of the player.

- Added: "shotShell" so it will show the grenade launchers and mortars properly. AccTime sped up for those really high angle shots, FOV, and relative position changed.
- Changed: "shotMissile" and "shotRocket" FOV and relative position changed.
- Updated: the weapons list with sniper/DMR rifles, GL muzzle names, and both rocket launchers. You can add/delete whatever you want from this list.
- Updated: example mission
- Updated: uses precompiled function call.

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