Bullet Cam Script for Arma 3
Editing and Scripts

Cobra4v320 released an updated version of the Bullet Cam Script which was originally made by Big Dawg KS for Arma 2 on the BI forums.
This script shows the path of the projectile in slow motion until it hits a target or another object and is for singleplayer only!

  • Added a check to see if there were enemies within 100 meters of the player.
  • Added: "shotShell" so it will show the grenade launchers and mortars properly. AccTime sped up for those really high angle shots, FOV, and relative position changed.
  • Changed: "shotMissile" and "shotRocket" FOV and relative position changed.
  • Updated: the weapons list with sniper/DMR rifles, GL muzzle names, and both rocket launchers. You can add/delete whatever you want from this list.
  • Updated: example mission
  • Updated: uses precompiled function call.

Written on 2013-04-06 22:23 by cobra4v320  

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