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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Core, Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Extra

Version: 9
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This adds new Sniper weapon scopes.

Date: 2014-10-30 22:43

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Dagger Scopes - ACE


I like to play the game as a long range shooter, which means I stay 75% of the time looking though scopes. I´ve bought myself a wide screen and could not accept the fact that I had to keep using only a tinny part of its potential by looking through small scope lens all the time. It was a bit claustrophobic to me . In real life, besides the image on a scope be of a small FOV - Field Of View, in your brain the image is formed as something bigger. And the image itself can be a lot larger, should you employ proper eye relief. Don´t need to say you can always shoot with both eyes opened. All those factors have made me build some new scopes with a better screen fit. Because my FOV´s might be a little wider it does not mean they are cheating. A little wider scope for a very narrow FOV is still narrow enough. See for yourselves:
Then, I´ve tested the SWM mod and got amazed by their wide screen reticles. So, I thought I could do the same and ... here we are!

All scopes were made for extremely accurate range estimation and bullet drop compensations!

Inside this pack you will find a detailed manual explaining how to operate each one of the scopes and bringing detailed information about the magnification and ballistics math.

71 reticles
15 mods covered
More than 240 weapons
More than 13 k config lines
All included weapons made ACE compatible
All reticles are range estimation and bullet drop compensation accurate

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Dagger Scopes is the "mod of a mod". Besides it works with default BI´s weapons it brings a lot of other scopes made specially for all the mods listed below. So give them a try because they were considered worth to receive the goodies brought by this mod.
You don´t need to have all the mods that are compatible with my mod. So don´t get yourself bored by those “Addon X requires addon Y” messages on game start. If you don´t like those messages then delete the pbo´s made for the mods you are not using.

Suggested Addons:
Australian SOTG - Commandos:
SpecOps, Mercs, BlackOps and OpFor units:
British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP:
Swedish Army Mod (SAM):
Australians At War - Combined ops:
L119A1 Pack:
WR5 M14 pack:
Latin America weapons pack:
UKF Weapons Pack:
ACR weapon pack:
RH SMG pack:
RH MGS weapon pack:
RH Mk18 Pack:
M16 Pack Rearmed:
RH HK416 Pack:
RH PDW pack:
RH M14 pack:
RH M40 pack:
G3 Project:

Included files:

Refer to the included documentation for info how to use this.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
1.At 30x magnification and above, the spotting scope and TAC50 scopes will distort the images.
2.You will need to manually zero the rifles with BDC´s in game because all rifles had to be zeroed at 0 meters in order to solve the point of impact problem. FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3.When you start using the sight adjustment on the “RH_mk14ebrsp_sd” you screw it all and, for an unknown reason, the shots start hitting your feet instead of leaving the barrel forward ahead. FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!
4.You need to turn ACE animated reticles off or they will be overlapped with my scopes.
5.If you are using Robalo´s ASR config for the UKF weapons then, you will not be able to use my scopes on the L115A3. You should disable ASR UKF if you wish to use my scopes.

Credits & Thanks:
Team Dagger
We are:
ToreDL87, sponsor.
Multiplaneta, The Swiss Knife Man: 3D artist, LEA worker, youtube movies, mods research.
HellGhost, The Bug Hunter: Bug hunting.
SopmodJack, The Movie Maker: many cool youtube movies, armor penetration tests., The Photoshop Master: Logos, Photoshop and 3D Studio lessons.
Dagger: Project lead, scopes, ballistics and weapons.

Special Thanks
BI team, for the wonderful game and the forums.
NonWonderDog, for the leading work with reticles since ArmA 1.
Fincuan, for further developing new scopes possibilities.
ACE team, for the many sniper toys.
SWM team, for the inspiration on the wide screen scopes.
Robert Hammer, for creating awesome weapons I could dress my scopes on.
Coops & P:UKF, for the best of all L115A3 Sniper Wonder.
Multiplaneta, for the help with the editing tools, beta testing and youtube videos., for the help with the textures and beta testing.
HellGhost and Vekongmaster , for beta testing, bug hunting and range tables.
SopmodJack for the videos.
WG6, for the M24A2 idea.
da12thMonkey, for the SB scope.
WR5, for the Leupold scope.
AR15 and Sniperhide forums, for the open minded discussions and mutual help.

Other people who have somehow inspired me to do the scopes
LEA team, for the handy tool.
SIX team, for the other handy tool.
SLX team, for the amazing gore feature.
Spirited Machine, for the handy ArmA 2 Game Launcher.
TeamSpeak team, for putting everybody together.
DZ (Igneous01), for the wonderful Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign. When do we get more DZ?
Guys from the 173rd Airborne, 1stMarine, 3rdInfantry, 11thMEU, 4th, 97th, for allowing me and my friends to play on their servers and please, allow us to use LEA when playing with you
Brainbug, for the ghillies.
Feint, for the sniper camo changer.
DMarkwick, for the good idea on the hide.
R3F Armes, team for their also inspiring scopes.
Kegetys, for his useful tools.

License / Disclaimer:
I´m not guilty if you screw your computer, or your life, or loose your girlfriend. Be advised.

You can use my scopes wherever you want. Just credit me and all the other authors for their jobs.
I do not allow this mod or any part of it to be ported to Arma 3. I do not allow this mod or any part of it to be included in other mods without my authorization. I do not allow this mod or any part of it to be sold by any imaginable means.

- fixed bug

- Added new scopes like H59 and some others.

- Re-zeroed the scoped rifles (9x39 at 100 m, .223 and .308 at 300 m, .300 and .338 at 400 m, .50 and 25x59 at 500 m, 7.62x54R according to the BDC).
- Redone all BDC´s to be accurate with Dagger Ballistics, except for the 5.56, I´ll do them on a next release.
- Added new lens effects such as dust, fingerprints and a new scope contour.
- Added new scopes (Leupold Mk6 H59, ACOG 6x, PSO1, PSO1M2, POSP, SOFLAM and Mil-R).
- Fixed many suppressed weapons not being recognized by the AI as suppressed.
- Fixed the HK417 and SCAR-H sniper versions dispersions to match the DMR.
- Fixed many weapons not using Dagger Scopes.
- Allowed more weapons to use the sight adjustment system.

- Added the Vector 21B extra zoom module.

- Added many new scopes and effects
- Added CQB sights for everything
- all adjustable scopes gained realistic windage and elevation click values
- Created separated pbo´s, one for each covered mod.

- Added: More rifle scopes
- Added: Night vision goggles
- Added: Binocular
- Added: Vector 21B
- Added: SSVZ sniper periscope
- Added: FLIR sniper scope
- Added: Spotting scope

- Added the Rapid @10x 1200m and MSR @25x scopes.
- Solved the “no crosshairs” problem for Steam users.
- Solved the problem with signatures.
- Increased the precision on all BDC´s.
- Added some cool lens effects.

- Solved the white screen, the “cannot load texture” and the “cannot open mode” problems.
- Signed the work.
- Binarized the models.
- Added the Velocity scope @15x to the Mk14.
- Changed game requirements.

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums

- Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Core
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Extra

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