Samaels Table - Is this really just a table or is there more to it? - Updated!
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Samael released an updated version of his Samaels Table addon on the BI forums.
This is not just a simple table addon, this is an addon made by a six year old kid. Want to know the story behind it? Keep reading.....

    Quote [FRL]Myke :
    Sam was/is very proud of the feedback he got for his first table and was very eager to create another one. To be honest, i wasn't sure if we should publish it as i don't want to overstress your patience and goodwill. But good luck to explain this to a 6 year old enthusiastic boy.

    So, while the first table was more to get the very basics, this time we dived more into the details. The shape has become more complex and also the normal mapping has got more attention. The shape finding and ideas on how it should look like was a close cooperation between us both, each of us throwing ideas in the pot and see what works and what not. But Sam always had the final word. Personnally i would have prefered a 8-edged table but Sam insisted on a 7-edged.

    Also this time, Sam wrote the additinal config stuff by himself, learning the mighty ctrl+c/ctrl+v magic.

    So here it is: Samaels Table 2!

Written on 2013-05-10 17:34 by Armaholic  

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