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Gizzy46 submitted an updated version of his CMI Command Improvement Mod for Arma 2: OA.
An Arma 3 version is also available but it is an older version!

    Quote gizzy46 :
    The Armaverse has some incredible and awesome mods and / modders but I recognized that nobody before tried to overhaul the Commanding menu. When Arma3 came out and there still was no change (from the dev. side ). I decided to start this project

    After taking some timeout from my previous CIM – Mod. I still had some ideas that I wanted to implement. So I get back to work and after a long time of trial and error I can finally present you my 3.0 Version of that mod.

    So what comes new with version 3.0 ?!
    At First it replaces the main menu with my custom one, via a Config file. That also fixed the bug “-that when you were resuming a game/mission the menu wasn’t load-”.
    All other BIS Menus are still functional and can be used as before.
    I moved the Menu more in the center of the Screen. So you can keep an eye on the “action” and still have the menu better in sight.

    A new feature I also added, is the Unit Interaction System. This gives you the ability to select a Unit of your group with the Mouse cursor.

    This Time I didn’t Sign this Mod because it works with a replacement file and it is also mainly designed for the Singleplayer-mode of the game.
    I tested it with a lot of mission and campaigns and it just works fine.

    So I Hope you all will enjoy this little mod.
    If anybody with some scripting knowledge has interest in joining/Help/be part of this Project can PM me and his help is highly appreciated!

    • added some Features /Improvements
    • replace Original Menu with custom
    • resuming a mission/game works now

Written on 2013-05-17 07:41 by gizzy46  

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