"He" is back, a fresh start for the community

I think most of you have noticed the letter we recieved through Jerry Hopper and posted about in our forums.

Quote :
With this in mind, we like to announce an 'Official Interview' on the
Community News Sites. We have contacted Mr. Hopper to use his facilities, and his expertise in this field.
In this interview, we address the community with our plans for the future.

Wondering what this is all about? Want to know who "He" is?
You can stop wondering now, the interview has taken place and you can listen to it yourself to hear future plans for the Armed Assault Community.

Some headlines:
    - New Bohemia Interactive PR/community manager
    - New head forum moderator
    - New official forums
    - And more......
Download the interview from our server or listen to the public link from
Forum discussion.

Written on 2007-09-05 04:56 by Armaholic  

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