Author: kanadetachibana
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.0

Date: 2013-04-04 07:36

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Kanade's MissionPack


This mission pack will contain two editable folder for your own way with the scripts i use for those missions. along with PBOs files from my mpmission folder. Feel free to edit the mission as possible if you want. FYI. my mission isn’t copyright or trademark and doesn't need my permission.

Mission Content:
  • Operation Stratis
  • Operation Lighting Strike

  • Installation:
    C:\Users\kanade\Documents\Arma 3 Alpha - Other Profiles\TAW_KanadeTachibana\missions
    C:\Users\kanade\Documents\Arma 3 Alpha - Other Profiles\TAW_KanadeTachibana\MPMissions
    if you put it in missions folder, you have to go through editor on the main menu
    if you put it in mpmissions folder, you have to go through editor on main menu or go to mp new lan / internet then the mission file will turn blue which you can select edit and it will take you to mission editor

    you can change the mission name if you want and you have your own freedom and right to edit anything within the mission pack.

    Bug/Feedback tracker:
    Kanades Bitbucket

    Credits & thanks:
    Tonic's VAS
    BTC Revive

    Forum topic:
    - Operation Stratis
    - Operation Lighting Strike

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    Tags: Iran,   Rangers,   Seals,   Sf