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XxAnimusxX released an updated version of his AniRadar script on the BI forums.

    Quote XxAnimusxX :
    This radar will let you decide what to show and allows you to change almost everything to meet your needs.
    Enhance your gaming experience and allow others to enjoy your missions using this feature, creating countless new mission objectives and adding new tactical possibilities.

    Due to technical problems I was forced to change the known rotating radar to a sonar type one, which is, honestly, not really realistic but better than nothing.

    You can now decide to switch the object the radar is using as the center.
    With this, you can now use mobile objects (aircrafts, other units, cars etc.) or static ones (buildings) to feed your radar view and allows you to design more complex scenarios (like recon-missions).

    • new command added: aniRadarSetReferenceObject
    • initialization of modules rewritten
    • if the reference object is in the callback's results, it will be omitted

    When a picture is worth a thousand words, moving pictures are pure gold, so here's a demo mission with the AniRadar implemented.
    All the dialogs are part of the demo mission and are not element to the AniRadar.

Written on 2013-04-09 07:58 by Armaholic  

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