Author: Myke
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1

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Date: 2007-09-09 21:31

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ArmA Coop Essential pack

Key features:
    Dynamic Group Creator:
      * Create random amount of groups
      * Groups are of random size
      * All types of vehicles (except air) supported
      * All 4 sides supported
      * Breaks the ArmA limit of 144 groups
      * Complete randomized patrol patterns
      * Add custom waypoints for infantry, vehicles or both
    Dynamic ambush/reinforcement System:
      * Add ambush or reinforcement for every side
      * All sorts of vehicles supported (also air)
      * Vehicles will carry Infantry if enough cargo seats available
      * Units will randomly search patrol areas
      * Choppers can be set to let paradrop or land and disembark infantry
    Dynamic Body & Object removal System
      * No “remove after X seconds” but when max allowed limit is reached (customizable)
      * Smooth sink-into-ground effect for bodies
      * Saves CPU ressources
      * By default active for all units/vehicles created by the CEP
      * Can easily set to be used with own placed units/vehicles
    Cache units
      This means the script will cache all units from a group except leader. When the players approach to a defined distance, the whole group will be restored.
I recommend you to use this script with the mapfact "Map_misc" addon.
This script will use the markers from it. If the Map_misc addon is not present the script will use default markers.

Known issues:
The included .pdf manual is not updated yet. Its made for version 1.0
It wont cause to many troubles cause the script itself hasnt been changed.

There where a few people who helped me to write all this stuff and was standing beside me with advices
when i was stuck.
* Mandoble
* mi2slow
* Foxhound
* satexas69
* rocko
* RambOz
* El Mariachi
Also a big thanks to the people at and If i missed someone here,
please forgive me.

- Added caching of units when no player in range (available as standalone from here).

- Mapmisc no longer required

- Initial release

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