Berserker AI Project by Leg
Editing and Scripts

Jeza informed us Leg released his Berserker AI Project script on the BI forums.

    Quote Leg :
    I basically made this a long time ago.. It's been sitting in my arma2 folder along with other random little testing scripts I've made. I added some basic patrol capability to it a few months ago so that the Berserker AI can move about without editor waypoints or applying other patrol scripts to it.
    It is basically designed to be very simple, and yet be able to defeat a superior force of other AI variants. This AI also indirectly improves detection and sniping of players over longer distances when most AI will simply not fire at that range. Hopefully someone can use this and tweak it to their needs.

    • Make AI react better and be more elite than normal ai
    • Minimal modding/complex addons

Written on 2013-04-13 09:47 by Armaholic  

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