Author: Amra
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Requirements: IntelliJ IDEA

Version: 1.1

Short description: A SQF language plugin for Java IDE "IDEA"

Date: 2013-04-16 17:07

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Java IDE "IDEA" - SQF language plugin


Hello! Besides my SQF Editor you can also try SQF language plugin for Best Java IDE "IDEA".

What is done at the moment:
1. syntax highlightning (keywords, commands for A1,A2,A3, local and global vars, comments etc)
2. code completion suggestions (via Ctrl+Space)

1. Install IDEA.
2. Run IDEA.
3. Click "Configure" -> "Plugins" -> "Install plugin from disk...".
4. Browse to "SqfPlugin.jar" and click "OK".
5. Press "Apply" then "Restart".

Custom SQF modules are not available now so use Java Module for your projects ("Create New Project" -> "Java Module").

If I'll have time and interest I will continue to improve it.

- custom module ("New project" -> "Sqf empty module");
- Sqf file (rick click Project -> "New" -> "Sqf script");
- option for custom colors ("File" -> "Settings" -> "Editor" -> "Colors & Fonts" -> "Sqf"). .kju, it's possible to colorize global variables now;
- .kju, files/folders are not separated by case;
- brace matching;

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