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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.3.1

Short description: This is event handler based revive system scripts. It based on R3F revive system. And it has insurgency style dead camera.

Date: 2014-06-10 08:50

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INS Revive


This is event handler based revive system scripts. It based on the[R3F] Revive system and it has insurgency style dead camera.

- Support Arma 2, Arma 2 Free, Arma 2 OA, Arma 2 CO, Arma 3 Alpha.
- Support dedicated and local server.
- Support Co-op and PvP missions.
- Support Join-in-progress player.
- Support Ace mod (Arma 2 OA, Arma 2 CO).
- Support various respawn location (vehicle, static).
- Insurgency style dead camera.
- Respawn, Revive, Drag body, Cancel actions.
- Admin reserved slot.
- On JIP Action (Teleport action or Respawn camera).
- On respawn, revert loadout.
- Implemented Virtual Ammobox System v1.4 (Author : Tonic) (modified some codes).
* Fixed load and save functions to aeroson's Loadout functions. (get_loadout 3.0, set_loadout 3.9)
* Optimized load and save listbox display function.
* Added : Backpack restrict option. (and restricted mortar backpacks)
* Changed : When close VAS dialog, automaticaly save loadout for respawn.
- Implemented TAW View Distance Dialog.(Author : Tonic)
- Implemented Personal UAV.(Author: Thomas Ryan, Tweaked by Rarek)
- Implemented Team Killer Lock system v2. (Author : Murcielago)
- Vehicle repiar, unflip, push boat actions
- Player name tag
- Player markers : Server side (Co-Op) or Client side (PvP).
- UAV Briefing
- Manual NV Goggle sensitivity (v0.1.1)
- Compatible with Simple Vehicle Respawn Script (v0.1.3)
- Squad Management (v0.1.7)

Installation / Usage:
This requires the development build 0.71.106777 or higher!
You should copy 'stringtable.xml' file to your mission folder.

If you are using previous version to v0.3.1, you should add CfgSounds class in description.ext file.:
class CfgSounds {
    //// Respawn Script - Start ////
    #include "INS_revive\cfgsounds.hpp"
    //// Respawn Script - End ////

Detailed usage instructions can be found in this forum post!.

- Arma 2, Arma 2 Free, Arma 2 OA, Arma 2 CO don't support VAS, UAV Briefing, Personal UAV

Credits & Thanks:
- madbull (R3F revive)
- pogoman, Fireball, Kol9yN (Insurgency dead camera)
- Tonic (Virtual Ammobox System v0.9, TAW View Distance Dialog)
- aeroson (Loadout functions. get_loadout 2.2, set_loadout 3.4)
- Thomas Ryan, Rarek (Personal UAV)
- Xeno (Domination vehicle repair script, Squad management script)
- Murcielago (Team Killer Lock system v2)
- sholio (Fixed Range Nightvision add-on 0.7)
- Sinky (Mission Settings 1.1)

- added VTS Simple weapon resting release 05 (Weapon Resting Key : Ctrl + Space).
- replaced VAS to [VAS] Interface Upgrade 1.0.
- updated aeroson's Loadout function (get_loadout 3.4, set_loadout 4.3)
- fixed dialog resource errors.

- added 'On JIP Action - None' item.
- updated VAS to version 1.8.
- fixed 'Carring Body' action.
- minor bug fix.

- updated VAS to version 1.6.
- removed debug message.

- fixed 'Respawn Faction' option works fine.

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- Armaholic forums

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