Barret M107/M82 "Blackened" by g00d69 updated
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G00d69 released an updated version of his Barret M107/M82 "Blackened" addon on the BI forums.

    Quote g00d69 :
    This adds the Barret M107/M82 "Blackened" which is 100% compatible with Arma 3 items.
    It is using 12.7x99mm caliber ammo and 10 rounds magazines.

    • Explosives ammo and magazines added ( 127x99_10rnds_explo )
    • Added one new muzzle brake ( Muzzle_explo )
    • New recoil based on GM6 lynx values
    • New high poly lens and texture for scopes
    • Fixed invisible end of barrel without muzzle
    • Classnames have been modified, please see "New classnames.txt" included with addon.

Written on 2013-04-26 22:43 by g00d69  

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