Author: karmichael
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 8.0

Date: 2013-10-28 21:23

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Advance And Secure Pack


AAS based on CoolBox-SBS- [AAS Founder]'s version. Ported over from Arma 2 with a few changes. 95% Fully working AAS with a few bugs.

Mission content:
- [AAS_H] Island Of Stratis "All Out War"
- [AAS_M] AirBase to Marina "Ground Infantry AAS"
- [AAS_L] Over The Mountains "Sea to Land AAS"
- [AAS_M] LittleBird Insertion "Ground AAS"
- [AAS_T] Coastal Fight "Sea to Land AAS"
- [AAS_S] In The Woods "Ground Infantry AAS"
- [AAS_S] AirBase "Ground Infantry AAS"
- [AAS_T] Marina Bay "Diving AAS"
- [AAS_S] Camp Maxwell "Ground Infantry AAS"
- [AAS_L] Separate Paths "Split base AAS"
- [AAS_T] This is Sparta "Sea to land AAS"
- [AAS_S] Kill Farm To Camp Rogain "Ground infantry AAS"
- [AAS_T] Kamino "Ground infantry AAS"
- [AAS_T] Kaval Fight "Ground infantry AAS"

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

Selectable Rules:
Default Rules:
    - Can Customise Loadout = Disabled
    - Everyone Can Revive = Disabled
    - Armoury Use Range = 15m
    - Class Change Delay = 100secs
    -Can Heal At Armoury = Disabled
    -Medic Heal Range = 10m
    -Nearby Medic Distance = 350m

AusArma Rules:
    - Can Customise Loadout = Enabled
    - Everyone Can Revive = Enable
    - Armoury Use Range = 15m
    - Class Change Delay = 10secs
    -Can Heal At Armoury = enabled
    -Medic Heal Range = 30m
    -Nearby Medic Distance = 250m

Auscog Rules:
    - Can Customise Loadout = Enabled
    - Everyone Can Revive = Enable
    - Armoury Use Range = 15m
    - Class Change Delay = 10secs
    -Can Heal At Armoury = Disabled
    -Medic Heal Range = 5m
    -Nearby Medic Distance = 500m

New Naming:
Tiny (T) = 3-5 flags
Small (S) = 6-8 flags
Medium (M) = 9-11 flags
Large (L) = 12-13 flags
Huge (H) = 14+ flags

Known issues:
#Team Status Dialog color disabled no entry error = Will fix this maybe in BETA stage or if BIS hasn't fix it already by adding more contents in the up and coming patches.
#When capn zones in Large maps zones it may glitch abit when taking flag = I will see what i can do.
#When you select an Custom loadout then save it then select a class it will glitch out then it may disable itself = Select load option at ammocrate will fix this

  • Added: New Rules Set Arma3RU (Same rules as Arma2ru rules set in A2OA).
  • Changed/fixed: AI Support now in rules Set only to disable/enable. Once its enabled you may further customize the AI settings (default: On when <= 4 players).
    Rules Sets: ArmA3ru = Disabled, AUSARMA = Enabled, Public = Enabled, German Ballerbude = Disabled.
  • Changed/fixed:Time of day has been set to noon as parameter default for most maps.
  • Changed/fixed: Go To Squad Leader Teleport/Parachute now in rules Set.
  • Rules Sets: ArmA3ru = Disabled, AUSARMA = Teleport, Public = Parachute, German Ballerbude = Disabled.
  • Changed/fixed: SAS Class HALO now in rules Set. Disable/Enable
    Rules Sets: ArmA3ru = Disabled, AUSARMA = Enabled, Public = Disabled, German Ballerbude = Enabled.
  • Note: In future updates will add Rules set info/setting in briefing.

  • Added: 13 New Altis missions. Each map plays differently
  • Added: show notification (BIS_fnc_showNotification)
  • Changed/fixed: Map player markers. Added map name tags/Group name tags. Group colors/Team colors. Squad Leader Text color.
  • Fixed: GUI (HUD-zones,minimap) disappearing on some missions.
  • Added: Turn fatigue on/off via rules set.
  • Removed/Added: Old clean up script causing performance problems on Altis. Now replaced. Thanks to Aeroson's Clean Up script.
  • Added: BIS Overview
  • Changed:Time of day has been set to Random as parameter default for all 25 maps.

  • v6.0
  • Compatible to Arma 3 version 1.0.
  • Changed a lot of things but still staying true to Coolbox's AAS Style

  • Credits & thanks:
    Special thanks to CoolBox-SBS- , Kju, Cat Toaster, Norrin, Wormeaten, for their hard work on AAS Mod over the years. Also to Tonic [Virtual Ammobox System], Tophe, Xeno [Scripts], Dr Eyeball [Team status Dialog], Monsada (SMM) [UPSMON] and the rest.

    Supporting Clans & Community:
    German Ballerbude [GBB]
    FrontLine Combat [FC]
    Australian Arma Community [AUSARMA]
    Australian Community of Gamers [AUSCOG]
    Armed Global Warfare [AGW]
    Base Camp Allstars [BCA]
    Cerberus 5

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums
    - AusArma forums

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