Author: JoSchaap
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 2.3

Date: 2013-08-01 13:20

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GoT Wasteland


GoT Wasteland v2.1 is a harsh survival sandbox mission for arma3, where two teams (OPFOR, and BLUFOR, asswell as independed players/groups) fight for survival on Stratis
For detailed info, hints and tips, open up the map after loading the mission or joining a server running it.

So what difference does GoT Wasteland offer compared to the original from 404games?
First of all it fully works! meaning we have fixed the survival system, stores, vehicles and their respawn scripts, asswell as any bugged missions/ai.

Original changes to 404Games:
- improved mission selection (no more recurring missions but still random)
– 3 new sidemissions: Hostile Helicopter, Mini ATV convoy, Sunken-supplies (scuba mission)
– 3 new mainmissions: Air alarm HeliSquad, Armored convoy, Treasure-expedition (scuba mission with dangerous AI+boat)
– random loot inside buildings (regular assault rifles, food, water and money can possibly be found inside buildings)
– increased objectspawns, and added alot more fun objects to build your bases with.
– increased vehicle spawns and made them respawn after abbandonment/destruction
- Added alot of new content to the gunstores such as ghilliesuits, sniper rifles, scuba gear and goggles etc.
– added 8 new towns/settlements to the map to spawn in, and find objects/vehicles.
– added random civilian boat spawns to coastlines to allow watertravel
– fixed various issues with moving and transporting objects, asswell as loss of attachments to your weapon when doing so.
– added a bigger backpack on spawn, asswell as 2 upgrades to the gunstores
– the buy/sell prices on the gunstores have been revised to be more realistic, asswell as improve game balance.
– new reward-crates for the main and sidemissions in the game.
– - For example: The new Treasure expedition has 2 sniper rifles in the rewardcrate, but is one of the hardest to complete!
– added a description about the game asswell as hints and tips (open the map and click on the menu in the topleft)
– streamlined basebuilding animations during object pickup/release.
– added a 4th gunstore, changed all gunstore locations and reduced the radar area to 60ft.
– gunstores are now looking abit different to add to the immersion of the game
– we added some basic script-detections to get rid of the most obvious script kiddies
- civillian boats respawn 10x quicker then vehicles to make sure no-one gets stuck on an island
- civillian boats can be picked up and moved arround by players incase they hit land :)
- gunstores now have a button to sell your vest and uniform for 50$ per piece
– added all the names of those that contributed to this mission to the credits (map > topmenu > credits)
– - If you think you helped out too, and aren’t in there, let me know!

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

Overview of the mission

New gunstore dialog

Dont forget to add your own admin ID's to /server/admins.sqf

Note for server admins:
* The mission now uses additional files outside the config folder for the antihack and configurable settings. So you will need more then just the PBO, make sure to grab the full package
* The mission comes with additional battleye filters, make sure you dont use other filters to avoid false positives and kicks
* take some time to read the readme.txt

If you dont want to host it yourself, you’re more then welcome on one of our servers :)

  • [Added] 3 general stores
  • [Added] working repairkits that can be dropped
  • [Added] working fuelcans that can be dropped
  • [Added] new interface for general stores
  • [Added] more variaty in base building parts
  • [Added] new handguns and surpressors
  • [Added] new SMG's and optics/surpressors
  • [Added] Independent SDV
  • [Added] camo blackhawk
  • [Added] New APC's (Wheeled and Tracked)
  • [Added] New outposts for the outpost mission
  • [Added] New antihack script by AWA, AgentREV and Tonic
  • [Added] Improv. roof to general stores
  • [Added] Name censor in group-menu for StreamFriendly
  • [Added] Name censor in group/side tags in StreamFriendly
  • [Added] Main mission: Coastal patrol
  • [Added] Katiba ammo to gunstore
  • [Added] Nicer action-icons from the KoS version
  • [Fixed] Name censor when in vehicle in StreamFriendly
  • [Fixed] Some missions did not announce themselves
  • [Fixed] AI not despawning on APC mission
  • [Fixed] balance between weapon/item spawns in buildings
  • [Fixed] added fuelcans and repairkits to cleanup
  • [Fixed] Height issue with scaffolding basepart
  • [Fixed] Undefined variable errors in the original code
  • [Fixed] Group invite not announcing to invited player
  • [Fixed] Server cleanup rewritten and working!
  • [Fixed] Various performance improvements in the scripts
  • [Fixed] Various issues with unlocked mission vehicles
  • [Fixed] Selling prices of rifles (no more 25 bucks)
  • [Fixed] Gunstore purchase exploit (spamming buy button)
  • [Fixed] No katiba ammo in gunstores
  • [Fixed] Some classes spawned with GPS/Radio
  • [Changed] Existing missions now contain random elements
  • [Changed] Gametype: changed to SANDBOX
  • [Changed] Survival system from decimals to percentages
  • [Changed] hunger/thirst death by HPdrain (not instant)
  • [Changed] Food/Water drainage and gain from items
  • [Changed] Stores can also be openned from actionmenu
  • [Changed] Loot in buildings spawned when player in town
  • [Changed] Loot in buildings now respawns after 60mins
  • [Changed] Loot in buildings 35% chance of fuel in fuelcan
  • [Changed] Fuel cans (full or empty) can be dropped
  • [Changed] Repairkits added to loot-table
  • [Changed] fuel cans empty and full added to loot-table
  • [Changed] players spawn without a fuelcan
  • [Changed] players spawn with a First-aid-kit
  • [Changed] Spawn weapon changed to ACP with 3 clips
  • [Changed] Hostile helicopter missions use random heli's
  • [Changed] Helicopters flown by AI no longer can use flares
  • [Changed] amount of objects and vehicles reduced
  • [Changed] Locked baseparts will be saved on server restart
  • *- After restart the baseparts will be spawned UNLOCKED!

  • v2.21
  • [Added] Green army (Independent)
  • [Added] Diving class to all factions
  • [Added] Green army suits to gunstore
  • [Added] spawn protection on debug island
  • [Added] New beta weapons in stores, on AI and inside buildings
  • [Added] New beta vehicles to the random spawns and missions
  • [Added] New beta clothing to stores, indy players and AI
  • [Added] New beta ammunition in stores, on AI and inside buildings
  • [Added] New beta boats and submarines to random spawns and missions
  • [Added] New outpost Main-mission - capture an enemy outpost for baseparts and their weapon caches
  • [Added] New APC Main-mission - bring an engeneer and some fuel though!
  • [Added] New abandonned truck sidemission - the HMMT's can cary ALOT of cargo and units!
  • [Fixed] broken vehiclespawns/missions due to beta
  • [Fixed] errors in admin menu's
  • [Fixed] all respawn issues in limbo
  • [Fixed] Lagspikes due to errors in vehicle respawn
  • [Fixed] RPT logfile findsafepos spam
  • [Fixed] new outpost mission did not despawn correctly
  • [Fixed] incorrect mission descriptions
  • [Fixed] Server cleanup set to 10 minutes after death
  • [Fixed] Cargo on armed boat not working
  • [Changed] Missions take longer to time-out
  • [Changed] existing missions to utilize the new vehicles
  • [Changed] hostile heli missions contain a mi48 now
  • [Changed] hints before and after missions rewritten
  • [Changed] missions last longer before timing out
  • [Changed] mission starts at 8pm for evening edition
  • [Changed] minor changes to player hud
  • [Removed] Random ammocrate spawns
  • [Removed] Time accelleration (caused lag/desync)
  • [Removed] Names showing when in vehicle when using the StreamFriendly interface

  • v2.1
  • Time Accelerated x10
  • New gunstore dialog!
  • Fixed the Scalar value money bug (gave infinite money)
  • Fixed Vehicles that kept respawning in limbo
  • Fixed Boats that kept respawning in limbo
  • gunstore prices have been changed
  • Starting money reduced (200 was just a tad too much)
  • Nerfed lootspawns inside buildings (no mire high caliber rifles, but more variaty of smaller weapons)
  • Raised prices of the sniper rifles (they where too easy to obtain)
  • antihack/scriptdetection methods (lets see how long this one lasts)
  • Made some minor changes to player hud

  • v2.0
  • [Added] 8 new towns/settlements to spawn in.
  • [Added] 16 new spawnareas for objects/vehicles.
  • [Added] 3 new fuelpump locations
  • [Added] new underwater sidemission!
  • [Added] new scuba Mainmission with armed boat
  • [Added] Diving goggles/gear to gunstore.
  • [Added] Game info, hints and tips to briefing
  • [Added] Ghilly suits, Rangefinder to gunstore
  • [Added] Sniper Rifles and ammo to gunstore
  • [Added] SOS Sniper optic to gunstore
  • [Added] Random boat spawns near coastlines
  • [Added] new gunstore to even the odds
  • [Added] some scriptdetection
  • [Added] gunstore option to sell uniform/vest
  • [Added] New basebuilding parts
  • [Added] Explosive specialist class
  • [Fixed] Cleanup on corpse food/water/money
  • [Changed] Marksman class to Sniper class
  • [Changed] Sniper class spawns in ghillie
  • [Changed] Explosive Spec. needs toolkit to defuse
  • [Changed] Gunstore radar radius reduced to 70 ft
  • [Changed] Gunstore locations.
  • [Changed] Prices on MXM, EBR and Diving equipment.
  • [Changed] Reduced ammount of objects
  • [Changed] Reduced ammount of ammo caches
  • [Changed] Civilian boats respawn faster
  • [Changed] Rubber boats are movable by players
  • [Changed] Rubber boats respawn faster
  • [Changed] Armed boats are heli-liftable
  • [Changed] Armed boats have storage space

  • v1.08(f)
  • [Added] More spawns for objects and vehicles
  • [Added] Random loot inside buildings all over the map
  • [Added] Backpacks to gunstore
  • [Changed] Starting backpack
  • [Changed] Armed/Civil Heli missions no longer spawn broken
  • [Fixed] Vehicles not respawning
  • [Fixed] Not being able to buy 7.62mm ammo
  • [Fixed] Gunstore now properly checks your inventory space
  • [Fixed] Various broken admin-features

  • v1.08(d)
  • [Added] Different reward crate contents for the convoys
  • [Added] New objects to the list of basebuilding parts
  • [Added] Sanjo’s mission select (prevents recurring missions)
  • [Added] Mission intel and author info to the splash screen
  • [Added] Gunstore radars are back!
  • [Added] New side mission Hostile Helicopter
  • [Added] New main mission Hostile Helicopter-Squad
  • [Changed] Weapon and item prizes in the gunstore
  • [Changed] death sequence when killed
  • [Changed] baseparts that kept falling over
  • [Changed] reduced the spawn of foodsacks/watercanisters (life sux)
  • [Changed] Logistic checks on init (caused long waiting times/lag)
  • [Changed] Enabled groups in Blufor/Opfor
  • [Fixed] Flare rounds in gunstore not possible to buy
  • [Fixed] AI and Vehicles from convoy missions not despawning
  • [Fixed] Slow respawn dialog on first spawn
  • [Removed] Some more references where removed

  • v1.08(b)
  • [Added] More variaty of basebuilding parts (+new parts!)
  • [Added] 20mm and 40mm flare rounds to Gunstore
  • [Added] You can study and build improvised roofs! (previously Camonet)
  • [Added] Cargo Containers with 30slots space for parts
  • [Changed] Cargo Containers can only be Towed or airlifted!
  • [Changed] Lamp-class for basebuilding due to placement bugs
  • [Changed] Significantly increased the amount of spawned objects
  • [Fixed] Font errors on some rare occasions
  • [Fixed] Desync issues
  • [Fixed] Bug that enabled players to take map-bound objects (caused desync)
  • [Fixed] Typo's in stringtables
  • [Fixed] Dropping food and water through playermenu
  • [Removed] The metal bunker can no longer be used for basebuilding
  • [Removed] Functionality to drop your Jerrycan (doesnt work in arma3)

  • Credits & thanks:
    The original creators of the mission are de devteam of

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

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