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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.98

Short description: This script places units on the map

Date: 2014-02-12 19:45

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Enemy Occupation System (EOS)


Enemy Occupation System (EOS) enables mission designers to easily populate their scenarios with units. Simple place markers covering areas of the map and EOS will do the rest.

  • Spawn AI infantry, divers, boats, motorised infantry, armoured vehicles, helicopters and Static placements.
  • Automatically spawn/deletes units to save server resources
  • Realistically cache units
  • Units patrol marker area
  • More control for advanced users
  • Extensive instructions for beginners
  • Customise AI skill levels
  • Bastion defense option
  • Probability parameters for more realism

Installation / Usage:
Download latest version of EOS
Extract to desktop
Copy EOS.altis into ArmA 3 mission directory:
Documents\ArmA 3 – Other profiles\USERNAME\missions
Load ArmA 3 editor. Open EOS mission
Open EOS.altis. Double click EOS. Double click OpenMe.sqf. This is where you will launch EOS zones.

For detailed usage instructions refer to the included readme!


If you have any problems with the script please let me know and i will have a look into it when i next have a chance.

Credits & Thanks:
- BlackSheep for help with task patrol
- SHK for buildingPos.sqf;
- SHK for his patrol script
- Lots of Mission editors and everyone who have answered my questions
- Na_Palm credit for help with exploding vehicles
- mantls credit for located random position script
- mantls credit for tweaking ai skill
- Redfield-77 for his damage eventhandler

Thanks to everyone who has contributed towards the thread and the improvement of EOS.

- Vehicles are crewed manually using unitpools "_crew" and "_helicrew". Increase flexibility for custom units.
- Removed functions;EOS_LightVeh,EOS_Armour,EOS_spawnStatic, EOS_Chopper. Replaced with EOS_fnc_spawnvehicle.
- EOS Unit eventhandlers function created. Named: eos_fnc_grouphandlers. (functions\setskill.sqf)
- Safe positions for vehicles handled by: EOS_fnc_findSafePos . (functions\findsafepos.sqf)
- Cargo fill function adapted for EOS_fnc_spawnvehicle
- New unit pools created for EOS_fnc_spawnvehicle function. Define _crewPool and _helicrew in (eos\unitPools.sqf)
- Optional probability parameter added for each type of unit spawned (yes that's right)
- Optional height limit and debug parameters added

- fixed AI skill
- Fixed patrol group cache
- Fixed attack/transport chopper
- Hugely improved efficiency
- Bastion completed
- New parameters for bastion
- EOS integrated with bastion
- Added marker angle variable
- Bastion readme
- Transport helicopters land outside of zone

- fixed eos_core.sqf

- Diver/boats spawn properly in water
- Units now spawn with equal spread in non-symmetrical markers (No more clustering the center of some markers)
- Patrolling units will not patrol outside of the marker area
- Several rpt error fixes
- New word document explaining new features
- Now uses SHUKOs random pos script

- Adapted SHUKOS patrol script for EOS. Patrolling infantry will no longer leave the marker area
- Customisable skills for all AI
- Vehicles are much less likely to explode in populates areas
- House patrols are more likely to appear inside houses
- Added kill counter function
- Added damage eventhandler
- Various improvements in scripts
- Formatted EOS scripts
- Applied improvements from forum thread
- Armoured vehicles no longer spawn with groups

- Transport helicopter unloads cargo
- Re-written EOS
- Select group sizes
- Motorised infantry fill empty seats
- Superior caching of units
- Unit pools instead of group cfg's for use with Add-ons
- Faster system
- Swapped bis patrol functions for SHK patrols.

- Now Fully JIP compatible
- Implemented game logic server variable to handle JIP
- Fixed errors when clearing zones
- Undefined variables are fixed

- Patched (_active) script error
- Much increased stability when caching EOS zones (Tested with over 200 units at one time)
- Helicopters available in EOS and Bastion!
- Helicopters will approach zone and circle it
- Updated PDF's with new information
- Patrol groups will stay within the zone. Thanks to Black Sheeps code

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- BI forums

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