Enemy Occupation System by BangaBob updated
Editing and Scripts

BangaBob released an updated version of his Enemy Occupation System (EOS) script on the BI forums.

    Quote BangaBob :
    Enemy Occupation System (EOS) is a highly customisable and powerful script that enables mission designers to easily populate their scenarios with AI units. Furthermore, units spawned within the EOS environment are automatically removed when not required to save resources and ultimately enable larger multiplayer missions without lag and de-sync.

    • Spawn AI infantry, divers, boats, motorised infantry, armoured vehicles, helicopters and Static placements.
    • Automatically spawn/deletes units to save server resources
    • Realistically cache units
    • Units patrol marker area
    • More control for advanced users
    • Extensive instructions for beginners
    • Customise AI skill levels
    • Bastion defense option

    • Vehicles are crewed manually using unitpools "_crew" and "_helicrew". Increase flexibility for custom units.
    • Removed functions;EOS_LightVeh,EOS_Armour,EOS_spawnStatic, EOS_Chopper. Replaced with EOS_fnc_spawnvehicle.
    • EOS Unit eventhandlers function created. Named: eos_fnc_grouphandlers.
    • Safe positions for vehicles handled by: EOS_fnc_findSafePos.
    • Cargo fill function adapted for EOS_fnc_spawnvehicle
    • New unit pools created for EOS_fnc_spawnvehicle function.
    • Optional probability parameter added for each type of unit spawned
    • Optional height limit and debug parameters added

Written on 2014-02-12 19:43 by bangabob  

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