Australian SOTG - Commandos by Sabre
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Sabre released an updated version of his Australian SOTG - Commandos addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Sabre :
    Add's units & weapons depicting Commando's (2CDO) and Engineers (SOER) serving in Afghanistan within the Special Operations Task Group (SOTG).

    As the gear queers among you will notice they have become somewhat of a merge of gear used from a few years ago to current day bits and pieces.
    In the interest of not wasting quite abit of work from people it has been left that way.

    Units also have different 2CDO Coy patches, this was more or less done to give recognition to more than one of the Company's and not just one of them.

    Heere is the new version 0.2.
    Ardy was able to fix most of the issues and we finished up the weapon icons.
    As of this version they still speak Russian but we are aware of that.

    • Fixed: SBE_SOTG_TL now shows all ACRE and Ace backpacks
    • Fixed: MK48 eotech no longer turns off NVGs
    • Fixed: M4a5 Shortdot variants no longer turn off NVGs when using alternate optics
    • Fixed: Secco VAC now has ammunition for m203 launcher
    • Fixed: Torch and Peq both turning on.
    • Added: Weapon icons
    • Added: Groups in the editor for units
    • Added: X300 to USP SD

Written on 2013-04-18 07:26 by sabreaus  

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