New Bohemia Interactive website
Today BIS launched their new site.

Spanel Bros :
In 1997 we launched our first website, dedicated to the then newborn game engine Real Virtuality. Ten years later, it's the perfect time to provide something more than a static web design.

Their new web looks pretty cool. You can check it by clicking on the link above.

Additionally they released a bit more information about the upcomming patch (1.09 beta) and also their future support for Arma.

Patch Plans
We're preparing a patch for ARMA, which will hopefully be released in one or two months. Currently we plan to include the following fixes or improvements:
    * Some AI detection fixes
    * Fixed fog on DX 10 cards
    * Fixed anti-cheat signature timeout
    * Added some additional anti-cheat measures
    * More reliable VON
    * Fixed CTD when resuming from a save in large and/or script intensive missions
    * Fixed spontaneous death while driving a motorcycle in MP
    * Fixed AI soldier can't fire behind the sandbags
    * Fixed compatibility problems caused by various copy protections uses
    * The patch will be completely independent of Queens Gambit, which will be running on 1.08, and no release data for this patch is currently set, but we intend to first release it as public beta 1.09 before the final release will be made available.
Linux Server Linux Server has been in the works for quite a long time now. We're getting very close to a first closed beta testing stage.

Good news for all the creative people around is that it will be very easy to port any custom work from ARMA to ARMA 2, much easier than from Operation Flashpoint.

Some of the editing tools (Oxygen 2 + Visitor 3) are already released as release candidates, some other are getting close to release - we intend to release the entire pipeline (including data packing and addon signing tools) very soon and to make a final polished release of the entire tool suite in the next few weeks.

Written on 2007-09-12 15:13 by Bohemia Interactive  

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