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Date: 2007-09-12 18:58

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British Forces Pack
TDMG addon team

New version of the British forces pack, but they still need sorting out with the new wounds textures but will update them soon.

Included files:

There are range of assorted British units:
    - Twelve British land rovers
    - Eight british harriers
    - UKF British weapons
TDMG addon team are looking for talented coders and 3d modelers apply to

Steve Eley - AKA Boss- skins plus made all the normal maps & new textures for the vests.
Jim McNeil - Skins and models
Myles Harding - AKA Hailo - configs and models
Lars-Erik Johansen- beta tester and quality control.

Many thanks to villa for his SA80 model although we decided in the end not to use them.
Thanks also to the damned for his assistance in the early days.
Big thanks go out to the many people who inspired & helped with this addon pack along the way they are too numerous to name- you know who you are.
Also thanks to the sff modding crew that gave me the idea in the first place cheers guys nice one.
Last but not least a big missive thanks & respect to the "UK_Forces" for allowing us to use their British weapons with this addon thank you guys your the best cheers.
Plus also total respect to "Soulcatcher" for his great work on the UKF weapons & also for sorting out & doing some major work on the new vests by hexediting the p3d files & rvmaps: so to make them standalone, your a star.
Plus big almighty massive thanks to all members of Armaholics for your support, also thanks & big respect to foxhound & big for there continued help & support in this project your stars & your one in million cheers guys.
And not forgetting the all the guys from Armed assault zone, who gave me a massive amount of help & support for this addon, cheers guys.
Also big massive thanks to all the guy from the bis forums cool guys, your second to none & stars all the way cheers guys.

All material contained in this addon remains the property of their respective owners,Created for Armed Assault and may not be used in any other games & Do not edit these packs in anyway or form.
The addon packs contains. TDMG_CHR.Pbo. TDMG_H.Pbo. TDMG_Weap.pbo. TDMG_VHCLS.pbo. Plus also includes the UKF weapons. This is the property of BOSS / & the UKF all rights reserved. Thank you for downloading my UK British forces pack & the UKF weapons pack enjoy.

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