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Version: 02/05/2013

Short description: ARMA 3 script library for common mission tasks.

Date: 2013-05-02 07:52

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ARJay LIB script library [ALPHA]


A mission for ARMA 3 alpha testing editing and scripting.
Consists of libraries of wrapper methods to familiarise myself with ARMA scripting and editing options. I have compiled
examples and features from online tutorials and the bohemia docs.

  • Utils:
      - Inspect object in detail to the RPT
      - Inspect on interval
      - Dump config class names to the RPT
      - Map teleport on click
      - Display object var name and class when targeted with the crosshair
      - Inspect object in detail to the RPT after 3 seconds targeting with the crosshair
  • Announce:
      - Cut screen
      - Title text
      - 3D text
      - Dynamic text
  • Markers:
      - Tracking map marker on 5 second interval
  • Task:
      - Using new BI Notification system
      - Eliminate target
      - Eliminate group
      - Require an item to be in player inventory
  • Conversation:
      - Example using BI conversation system and FSM
  • Gear:
      - Custom loadout quicksets covering all built in units and some example custom loadouts
  • Effect:
      - Post process effects quicksets
  • Environment:
      - Date, time and weather system quicksets
  • Spawn:
      - Spawn quicksets for various ammo types
      - Spawn items randomly around a radius at random intervals (simulated missile strike etc)
  • Camera:
      - Adds cinematic functions for handling cameras including quicksets for seting height of camera
      - Static Shot
      - Pan Shot
      - Lower camera
      - Raise camera
      - Move camera
      - Live feed

Installation / Usage:
Grab the mission from below.
Copy the arjay folder into your mission.
Include the entire library by placing the following in your init.sqf:
#include "arjay\arjay_kickstart.sqf"
Alternatively you can add only the library scripts you need for example:
#include "arjay\arjay_util.sqf"

ARJay LIB script library task system example mission:
As a follow up to my ARJay LIB test mission post, here is a test mission that demonstrates the task part of the library in more depth. Showing you how to make a series of tasks leading to mission complete.
Makes use of the new BI Notification system to display task hints. I have implemented a callback function system to callback to user defined functions once tasks are completed.

A simple test mission that is scripted completely in the init.sqf.
Demonstrates updated task functions (these have been updated in the main ARJay LIB post also)

Require Item
Eliminate Target
Move To Marker
Move To Target
Get In Vehicle

Download example mission:
Download the ARJay LIB script library task system example mission


Credits & Thanks:
To the awesome community, who have already answered most of my questions
at some point in the long history of arma modding and scripting. In particular to:
armaholic staff for curating a heap of content and posts
bi forum staff for the same
kylania for some great more advanced code snippets and forum responses
zemek kondor for the marker tracking script
Tonic for the ammo box filler
Sickboy for his class reference browser

Anyone who answered in the following threads

And to BI who have made an open and exciting world allowing creativity and mayhem!

- fix a couple of bugs introduced in the latest dev branch update.
- Added simple garbage collection system example.

- Fleshed out the task system to include some extra functions and callback system

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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