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Short description: Chapter 1, 2 and 3 of Fockers Arma3 Scripting Guide

Date: 2013-08-04 11:15

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Fockers Arma3 Scripting Guide

Mikie boy

I’ve been messing around with Arma and Arma2 for the last couple of years and although there are guides out there to help along the way, a lot of learning was done through reading the various forums and getting sound advice from others.

It all started after playing many hours of Domination, and then getting fed up of waiting for new versions to come out.
Being all enthusiastic I decide to make my own game from scratch. Realising that it wasn’t a straight forward process, I started to understand why any Domination update took so long…A shit load of work is required. However, I battled on and made a whole game mode (Self Advertising – Arma2+OA just so that I could understand what was going on under the hood. Although at the time I was quite pleased with myself, I must stress this took ages, and I don’t mean weeks, it took at least 6 months to get a sound, none major buggy, version up and running. Luckily my wife didn’t mind either.

Back to why I made this. This really is just as an update to some of the tutorials out there for people willing to learn and who want to contribute to the community.
This is not an advanced tutorial, this is just to get help to those who have no computer programming knowledge, and just want to learn to script.

Chapter one is fairly wordy, but I have tried to make them as non-computer jargon as possible. People with scripting knowledge really wouldn’t need to read this, but any suggestions for improvements from others are welcomed. Some terminology won’t exactly fit either but I have tried to make this as non-complicated as possible.

If this manages to help at least one person then I’ll be happy.
Mikie J [FOCK] – BIS forums Mikie boy

The first chapter covers the basics of:
  • Setting up a file, showscripterrors, and window mode
  • Variables, assignment, initialization, and variable types.
  • Init.sqf, interactions between the game world and the scripts.
  • Alignment of code, bracket usage and setting out code.
  • If/else statement, nested if/else statements.
  • While, and both for-loops types.
  • Commands - player, waituntil, getpos, createvehicle, createunit, hint, format, sleep and a few other bits.
  • And a lot of reference on using BIS forums and the Wiki.
The second chapter covers the basics of:
  • Part 1:
      - Basic Arrays
      - Selecting elements
      - Subtracting
      - Addition
      - forEach command
  • Part 2:
      - Basic Functions
      - Local and global
      - call
      - Spawn
  • Part 3:
      - Making a basic Patrol function.
Few other commands have been thrown in

The third chapter covers the basics of:
  • Part 1:
      - Eventhandlers
      - adding
      - removing
      - use of scope and exitwith command
      - example usage and creation of eject and mine functions
  • Part 2:
      - Get and set Variable
      - handle variables
      - Create a driving licence system using eventhandlers and get/set variables to control access to vehicles
Few other commands have been thrown in.

I've done my best to check for errors, both spelling and coding errors and its looking ok. Anyone find any please email me and ill correct it.

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