Fockers Arma3 Scripting Guide updated
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Mikie boy released chapter 2 of his Fockers Arma3 Scripting Guide on the BI forums.
The archive we are hosting contains both released chapters 1 and 2!

    Quote Mikie boy :
    This is a tutorial for all those who have no idea how to start scripting. Anyone with half the knowledge of Arma scripting will not require this, it was written as a complete beginners guide and nothing more. The tutorial leads you through a very simple process of making small scripts to carryout certain actions. I've done my best to make this as simplistic as possible and not to confuse anyone. A few people have seen it and have found it very useful, so i thought id finish the first chapter and post it here. Plan is to move on to show how to make a MP game. This is purely something to give back to the community, which over the last 5-6 years I have thoroughly enjoyed.

    The third chapter covers the basics of:
    • Part 1:
        - Eventhandlers
        - adding
        - removing
        - use of scope and exitwith command
        - example usage and creation of eject and mine functions
    • Part 2:
        - Get and set Variable
        - handle variables
        - Create a driving licence system using eventhandlers and get/set variables to control access to vehicles
      Few other commands have been thrown in.

Written on 2013-08-04 11:18 by Armaholic  

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