Author: Bob_Gneu
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.4

Short description: Allow the helicopters in the game to transport appropriate vehicles into battle.

Date: 2013-06-27 09:46

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Helicopter Transportation [BETA]


This script classifies helicopters into three groups and vehicles in the map into two. This package does not require you to apply any code to any units or vehicles in game, instead it applies itself to all vehicles & units at the initialization step of loading the mission. Because it does not require itself to be applied to the units at map initialization you do not need to worry about the use of your vehicle respawn script.

Installation / Usage:
Two scripts need to be executed in your mission init.sqf:
[] execVM "scripts\transport\init.sqf";
[] execVM "scripts\player\init.sqf";

If you would like to modify the classifications, review scripts\transport\classify.sqf

Get into a helicopter, hover over a vehicle of the same or lower classification (think size/weight) and you will see an action show up to attach. Once you are attached you will be able to detach that vehicle at your most convenient time. Vehicles are detached automatically when the transporting helicopter takes substantial damage.

Current Classifications:
- The mohawk is playing the role the chinook will once we go gold. At which time ill shift the Mohawk down to 3.
- The PO-30(What used to be the KA-60) and the KA-50/Rooivalk bastard child are considered class 3.
- The Ghost hawk is now a class 2 transport
- The MH 9 is still a class 1 transport

- Quads, Small boats and submarines are class 1,
- Strikers, Offroaders and attack boats are class 2.
- Ifrit and Hunters are class 3.
- Trucks and APCs are class 4.

Known issues:
Mohawk alignment/positioning is a problem.
Dropping the subs (Yes the subs) causes them to tumble in certain circumstances.
Transported vehicles clip through the world.
Transported vehicles register the speed of the transporting helicopter.
Transported vehicles may be occupied.

v1.4 - Beta Update
- Corrected for entity name changes
- Added new beta vehicles & adjusted positioning
- Created new test map with new vehicles laid out

v1.3 - MP Release
- Corrected incorrect MP behavior
- Configuration now present in scripts/transport/init.sqf
- To transport only need to be off of the ground, within 20m and the difference in speed between transport and cargo needs to be less than 3kmph
- Cleaned up classification && setup of transports
- No longer using Hints, reports are handed over via Vehicle chat
- Lots of MP testing Thanks to TF20
- Corrects red quads being incorrectly classified

RC 2
- Corrected semicolon issue

RC 1
- Initial Release.

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