Author: [GNC]Lord-MDB
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 17.0

Date: 2015-03-19 16:49

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Arma Liga Mappack for Arma 3


Here is the map pack for Arma Arma League 3.
The map offer a variety of setting options:
League / Public mode
1st only / 3rd Only / inf 1st, 3rd Vehicles
adjust time
Weather modes
Respwan vehicles on / off
Game time adjustable
Visibility adjustable
Exhaustion on / off

In addition, the PVP maps of Arma League much have integrated functions
Zoomable dynamic minimap
Opportunity to "knives"
Opportunity to throw hand grenades into tank

Mission content:
AL CTF Air Base V2.8
AL CTF City Fight V2.9
AL C&H Agin Marina V2.7
AL C&H Air Station V2.8
AL C&H Athira V2.7
AL C&H Camp Maxwell V2.3
AL C&H Domination Altis V2.6
AL C&H Domination Statis V2.6
AL C&H Frontline Altis V2.7
AL C&H Frontline Stratis V2.8
AL C&H Infanterie Fight V2.8
AL C&H Katalaki V2.2
AL C&H Mike 26 V2.5
AL C&H Old Outpost V2.6
AL C&H One Way V2.6
AL C&H Paros V2.5
AL C&H Pyrgos V2.6
AL C&H Road to Hell V2.6
AL C&H Town Fight V2.8
AL C&H Steel Wall V2.9
AL C&H East Altis V2.5
AL C&H Airport V2.6

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.


- performens improvements
- minor fixes
- Vehlice Change

- performens improvements
- minor fixes

- Changed transport system
- Additions in the briefing

- Error in the briefing
- changed spectator scripts

- 10 New Maps
- numerous improvements
- Added new vehicles
- new basic protection
- complete briefing
- Improved transport system

- Conversion script after 0.74 update
- new APC installed

- Inserted AT rocket launchers
- RPG 42 rocket launcher changed to titanium launcher
- Now fixed error in the transport system
- Changed ammo boxes

- Adjusted amount of ammunition in Munikisten
- Reduced AP mines
- Handgranaden-away
- Reduced Scops
- Transport system changed.
- Vehicle lineup changed.

- Conversion to the beta
- added new weapons
- Map adapted and extended car park it.
- edited minimap

- fine minimap zoom
- Fixed error in the outro
- Changed marker system
- Game detection switched sides.

- changed intro
- Added new sniper rifles
- distant objects changed after update

- Flag poles installed
- Inserted Treasury flag for NATO and Iran
- Ammunition name changed after update
- Camp Maxwell and Old Post are now night maps
- Inserted-Qauds
- Spawn error in Old gefixed post
- Inserted transport jeeps ch_al_40_agin_marina_v08.Stratis
- Function built Heavy vehicles off

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