Author: J0nes
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2 fixed
Signed: No

Short description: This is an early version of the AC130.

Date: 2013-07-09 16:35

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If anyone is interested in testing another AC130 mod, this is the 80% complete version that ive released to my clan for testing. updates will be coming about every week, or when people find enough errors to make an update make sense.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

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Included files:

P-FCO = primary fire control officer (main gunner, 105mm,40mm,25mm)
S-FCO = secondary fire control officer (secondary gunner, 25mm)

autopilot = -must be 200m above terrain level to start
- 1000m orbit height/1000m orbit radius
-open your map and single click over the center of your target area
-the plane will wait until it is aligned properly with the destination zone and then will level out and move

updated operators manual:
left arrow = decrease radius by 25m (500m min.)
right arrow = increase radius by 25m (5000m max.)
up arrow = increase height by 50
down arrow = decrease height by 50

adjust ambient gunner chatter in RADIO volume settings, not sound volume.


Known issues:
- may not work perfectly in multiplayer, havent done a ton of testing on it yet
- autopilot script varables (height,radius) will effect all aircraft in the air
- may encounter problems if more than one ac130 is using autopilot at once
- misc. texture errors

If you found a bug:
please post in the following format or your post will be ignored!!!
1. issue
2. another issue
3. another issue

Credits & Thanks:
CRASHNZ: c130H base p3d model (thanks for kickstarting the entire project!)
c130H base config file
c130H base textures/materials

LordJarhead: 25mm sound
c130 aircraft sounds
bullet effect sounds

LurchiDerLurch: AC130 Autopilot script
gunners optics
gunners monitor
editor icon
105mm sound
40mm sound

{DMM}Crossfire: creation of {DMM} clan
{DMM}: testing and moral support
{DMM}MADWEED: Textures

RavenDK: Config help
AC130 config reference script
Randy: Config help
AC130 config reference script
Gnat: Config help
Big Dawg KS, for WP damage script

This is not an official BIS addon, use at your own risk.
All contents within this addon have been used with the expressed written permission of their original creators/owners. If you feel your work has been stollen, please contact me!

v1.2 fixed
- some issues with previous 1.2 version fixed

- finalized autopilot
- tested on dedicated server
- AP now runs in heavily scripted missions
- adjusted gun sounds
- added USAF camo (unfinished)
- changed weapon impact/explosion effects as well as readjusted the damages for each
- fixed minor core bugs with AI
- increased zoom
- thermal imaging is now WHOT,BHOT,GHOT,RHOT
- centered guns

beta 2
- continued smoothing autopilot
- AP sounds
- ambient gunner chatter
- tire squeal on touchdown
- made prop blur more visable
- autopilot adjustable (see new operators manual below)
- WP effects (50m Kill radius, only safe in tracked vehicles)
- fixed various textures
- fixed muzzle for S-FCO (was on opposite side of the plane)
- reticules now change with the selected weapon
- contrails
- eject now turns off autopilot
- guns calibrated to 375 kph in rotation
- added all 6 FLIR modes
- AP starting radius changed to 700
- AP now starts at current aircraft height above sea level (wont try to noseplant on high maps like CLAfghan)
- autopilot wouldnt turn off unless you ejected

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- BI forums

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