Updated version of the Ac-130 by J0nes released - Update!
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***** Update *****

J0nes informed us he released an updated version 1.2 to fix an issue with the previous release.
If you already downloaded version 1.2 please download it again!


J0nes informed us he released an updated beta version of his Ac-130 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    If anyone is interested in testing another AC130 mod, this is the 80% complete version that ive released to my clan for testing. updates will be coming about every week, or when people find enough errors to make an update make sense.

    • finalized autopilot
    • tested on dedicated server
    • AP now runs in heavily scripted missions
    • adjusted gun sounds
    • added USAF camo (unfinished)
    • changed weapon impact/explosion effects as well as readjusted the damages for each
    • fixed minor core bugs with AI
    • increased zoom
    • thermal imaging is now WHOT,BHOT,GHOT,RHOT
    • centered guns

Written on 2013-07-09 16:48 by J0nes  

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