TvT gamemode : Escape And Evasion - Chernarus edition by Xotodazo

Xotodazo has submitted this mission where the agents must scape and evade the OPFOR forces while the OPFOR tries to hunt them.

    Quote Xotodazo :
    Stay around your base and avoid protection, meet up with other agents, maybe dare to strike the OPFOR base or rescue captured (Or Killed) teamates. If you are killed you repsawn in a prison, which classifies as being captured. Your teammates must try get you out via flying a heli over the POW camp and everyone getting in and flying off. If all of you are captured OPFOR wins...

    Capture all agents, and have someone on guard so they don't escape!Beware, they might be anywhere!

Written on 2013-05-12 08:20 by Xotodazo  

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