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Requirements: Arma 2, Faysh Khabur Iraq
Island(s): Faysh Khabur Iraq
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.0

Date: 2013-05-15 07:22

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Infiltrate enemy locations, capture bunkers and destroy targets with C4.

This is my very own domination style mission built from scratch and was not created from any pre-existing domination mission or template. I did not use any scripts or assets from an existing domination mission. I did try to keep the design consistent with other domi missions. It contains many of my own inventive scripts and features not used in other missions. I did not design this mission for the die-hard realism junkie, instead this mission was designed for players that just want to have fun with friends and host from their computer or create a LAN game with friends. This mission should work fine on a dedicated server. I added many extra helpful features with the goal in mind to make the mission much more user friendly and fun. Things like being able to flip and repair any friendly vehicle, or having a variety of special actions at your disposal at all times, or the ability to teleport to your Leader, deployed Rally Point, MHQ vehicle, C130 Halo plane or use variety of available vehicles at base that have been supplied with additional armor, ammo and gear. Even the enemy bunkers and targets are marked on the map, making it much easier to accomplish your tasks when you might have otherwise felt lost in a large city. The only addon required is the addon island "Faysh Khabur 1.2".

If you want to drop bombs from an A-10, or kill enemy from 2 miles away with an Apache, or destroy an entire city with an artillery strike, well, the candy store is down the block, you won't find those things in this mission. This mission requires players to use actual "skill" and was designed more for close range ground fighting and working together as a team.

Mission Tasks:
There are 10 randomly assigned task AO's (Area of Operation). AO 's are randomly assigned one at a time. Each enemy AO has 3 bunkers that need to be captured and a variety of targets that need to be destroyed using C4. Some AO's are small and have few targets and some are large and have many targets. All bunkers and targets are marked on the map. Enemy bunkers and targets will turn from red to green on the map when they are captured and destroyed. When an AO is completed, it will turn green and a teleport flag will be then become available in that area - and a new task AO will then "randomly" be assigned approximately 2 minutes later. There are no side missions available, I would rather keep all of the players focused on 1 area at a time. Enemy cannot recapture an AO.

All enemy bunkers are marked on the map with a small "Flag" icon. Bunkers are captured by choosing a "Raise Flag" action on the flag pole. A hint will appear upon entering an uncaptured bunker reminding the player to perform a "Raise Flag" action on the flag pole. +5 points is awarded to the player that raises a flag and an HQ sidechat message will broadcast which player the points were awarded to. Enemy cannot recapture a bunker.

All enemy targets are marked on the map with a small circular "Target" icon. There are many different types of targets, like radio towers, cranes, buildings etc. All Targets must be destroyed using a satchel charge. Only 1 satchel charge is required to destroy a target. There is no need to place several satchel charges to destroy a large target. When destroying a Crane target, the player must climb up and place a satchel charge inside the control room of the crane. When you are near a target, a hint message will appear that will tell you exactly where to place the satchel charge. +5 points is awarded to the player that destroys a target and an HQ sidechat message will broadcast which player the points were awarded to.

Enemy Info:
Enemy are high skilled in all areas except for accuracy, which is average. After entering an AO, enemy reinforcements are likely to move into the area and attack. This could be anything from enemy ground troops, ground vehicles, air vehicles or air transport vehicles that drop troops. So just when you think it is clear, it's probably not. Some enemy Anti-Air vehicles are marked on the map, so be careful not to fly over those areas.

All players can carry a maximum of 3 Medkits. You can use your Medkit to heal yourself or a teammate. You can give a Medkit to a teammate or take Medkits from a dead teammate. Medkits can be procured from the base Hospital, MHQ vehicle and deployed Rally Point. An option to "Take Medkits" will only appear if you currently have less than 3 Medkits. There are no revive abilities in this mission. Players cannot be dragged or carried. If you do not have any Medkits and you cannot walk, it is your job to ask a teammate to heal you or give you a Medkit. If you die, you simply wait a short period of time and you will then respawn. You can respawn an unlimited amount of times throughout the mission.

Medkit HUD:
The Medkit HUD will show your remaining Medkits at bottom right corner of your screen at all times during the mission. Remember to resupply your Medkits when needed.

Death Cam:
When you are killed, a camera will pan from the victim (you) to the killer in a flyby tracking view.

Save Loadout:
Players can save their load at ammo crates and respawn with the gear that they saved. If players do not save their gear ever, then they will respawn with the loadout that they started the mission with.

Base Ammo:
The Base ammo crate offers "WEST" Combined Operations weapons & gear and also offers the option to save your current loadout. If you do not save your current loadout, you will respawn with the weapons you started the mission with.

Enemy Ammo:
Enemy bunkers in the mission have ammo crates that contain all "EAST" Combined Operations weapons & gear and also offers the option to save your current loadout.

Deploy Rally Point:
Using the actions menu, the Leader can deploy a Rally Point in the field. A dialog pop-up "question" window will appear, preventing the Leader from accidentally deploying the Rally Point. The Rally Point is a small indestructible bunker that players can teleport to from base flag. It has an ammo box with limited gear, Medkit resupply and the ability to “Save Loadout". There is a 10 minute wait time between deploying the Rally Point. Deploying a new Rally Point will delete the old one. When a task AO has been completed, the Rally Point will automatically be returned to base and a message will broadcast this to all players. After the Rally Point is returned to base, the leader will immediately have the option to re-deploy the Rally Point, cutting short any wait-time that might have been remaining. The Rally Point serves an extremely important role for rearming, procuring Medkits, teleporting close to the battle, defensive cover, and most of all it helps players stick together - sort of like a stationary HQ that cannot be destroyed. A warning (hint) message will appear if you attempt to deploy a Rally Point within 500 meters of Base.

Deploy GPMG:
Using the actions menu, all players can deploy a stationary GPMG light machine gun (mini tripod). A dialog pop-up "question" window will appear, preventing you from accidentally deploying your GPMG from the actions menu. There is a 10 minute wait time between deploying a GMPG. Deploying a new GPMG will delete your previously deployed GPMG. The GPMG comes equipped with additional ammo. A warning (hint) message will appear if you attempt to deploy a GPMG within 150 meters of Base.

Request Vehicle Drop:
Using the actions menu, all players can request a vehicle drop (HMMWV GPK M2). A dialog pop-up "question" window will appear, preventing you from accidentally requesting a vehicle drop from the actions menu. A vehicle drop is most useful when you are stranded in the middle of nowhere without any transportation. There is a 10 minute wait time between each vehicle drop. Requesting a new vehicle drop will delete your previously dropped vehicle. The vehicle comes equipped with additional armor, M2 turret ammunition, and weapons & gear in cargo including satchels. The vehicle drop also serves well as an "supply drop" when you are in need of basic supplies. HQ Commander will deny a vehicle drop request (sidechat) if you are within 500 meters of base.

Call Missile Strike:
Using a Laser Marker and a Battery, all players can call a single air-to-ground missile strike (GBU-12). There is a 10 minute wait-time between available strikes. When calling a missile strike a global chat message will announce that you have done so - informing all players. A 2x bonus is awarded for any enemy units that are killed using a missile strike, but will only reflect against your total score. The bonus score is then broadcasted in sidechat to all players. You must keep your target painted with the Laser Marker (red dot) at all times or the missile will go ballistic and it will not hit the target. Missile strikes are very accurate and can be used to hit fast moving ground targets. There is no jail punishment for killing a teammate or civilian with a missile strike, but you should still exercise caution.

Build Cover:
All players can build sandbag cover (short sandbag wall). This is very useful for constructing small defense positions, long walls or for simply covering your ass when taking heavy fire. A warning (hint) message will appear if you attempt to build cover within 150 meters of Base.

Teleport Flag:
You can walk over to the Teleport Flag at base and cycle through your actions menu and choose any one of the following locations to teleport to: Leader, Rally Point, MHQ, Chinook or Night Hawk.

Teleport to Leader:
You can teleport to the Leader if the leader is alive. It will teleport you 1 meter behind and 1 meter to the right of the Leader at the same height (in case the leader is on a rooftop). If the leader is in a vehicle, it will teleport you into the cargo of the leader’s vehicle provided that there is an empty cargo seat available. This serves as a great way for teammates to stick with their leader. If the Leader is dead, a hint message will appear letting you know, then you can select a different teleport location.

Teleport to MHQ:
You can teleport into the cargo of the MHQ vehicle even if it is moving or being air-lifted.

Teleport to Chinook:
You can teleport into the cargo of the Chinook even if it is flying.

Teleport to Nighthawk:
You can teleport into the cargo of the Nighthawk even if it is flying.

Teleport C-130 HALO:
You can teleport into the cargo of the C130 plane at any time during the mission. The C130 offers the ability to HALO jump (High Altitude Low Opening) into the battle. The C130 plane will circle over your base at mission start at an altitude of 3000 meters and as tasks are assigned, the C130 will then move to the current assigned task location and continue to circle over that area. The C130 will automatically refuel ever 5 minutes, it cannot be destroyed and enemy will never attack it.

Friendly Vehicles (Base):
Of the many vehicles at base, there is 1 Littlebird transport chopper and 1 Littlebird attack chopper. Both Littlebirds can lift ATV's. The attack Littebird has been equipped with additional rockets and minigun ammo, which can be fully rearmed at the vehicle service point at base. Tanks and jeeps at base have also been equipped with additional ammunition. Some vehicles also have additional armor. All vehicles have been equipped additional weapons & gear in cargo including satchels charges. Upon entering the driver seat of a vehicle, a hint will appear regarding any additional armor, ammo or gear that was added to the vehicle as well as vehicle respawn time and abandon time. Some vehicles have longer respawn and abandoned times than others. Longer respawn times apply to vehicles of greater importance.

Vehicle Service Point (Base):
There is a vehicle service "helipad" at base that is marked on the map that will rearm, refuel and repair all vehicles (not players) and also add any additional ammunition that was originally given to a vehicle.

Vehicle Repair:
All Vehicles can be repaired or flipped. If a friendly vehicles is damaged, an action to repair the vehicle will automatically become available. You must first turn the engine off and disembark before performing vehicle maintenance. The MHQ, Chinook and Nighthawk can be fully serviced in the field, which includes the ability to rearm and refuel.

Chopper Lift:
Using a simplified old-school chopper lift script, the Chinook can lift almost any "heavy" ground vehicle, the Nighthawk can only lift HMMWV's and the Littlebirds can only lift ATV's. Air lifting vehicles is very easy in this mission, even a monkey can do it. If your chopper has taken heavy fire and has lost engine power or is extremely damaged, it will automatically drop its cargo.

Chinook Info:
The Chinook is the main "Heavy Lift" chopper. The Chinook comes equipped with additional weapons and gear in cargo, including satchel charges and it also offers the ability to deploy an ATV when landed and engine is off. Deploying a new ATV from the Chinook will delete any existing ATV that you might have previously deployed. You can teleport into the cargo of the Chinook from base flag at any time. The Chinook can be fully repaired, rearmed and refueled in the field by any player. Since the Chinook serves as the main heavy lifting chopper, it has a long respawn time of 30 minutes. If the Chinook is destroyed, a "Destroyed" marker will appear on the map at the location of the Chinook and you must then wait a full 30 minutes for the Chinook to respawn at base. Avoid enemy AA marked on the map when flying to your current task AO.

MHQ Info:
The Mobile Headquarters comes equipped with additional armor. It can deploy an ammo crate, camo net cover and ATV's. Deploying a new ATV from the MHQ will delete any existing ATV that you might have previously deployed, regardless of whether you deployed the ATV from the Chinook or MHQ, meaning... everybody gets their own ATV. There is no wait time between deploying a new ATV. You can teleport directly into the cargo of the MHQ from the base flag at any time. The MHQ can be fully repaired, rearmed and refueled in the field by any player. The MHQ is the only vehicle that will respawn instantly after being destroyed.

Jail Punish (Anti Team Kill / Anti Civilian Kill):
Players that kill a teammate or civilian will be punished and sent to Jail for 3 minutes. If the player that committed a wrongful kill is in a vehicle, he/she will first be ejected from the vehicle before being teleported into Jail. The driver and other crew of the vehicle will not be punished. All weapons, gear and actions will be removed from the player while in Jail, but the player will still have use of their radio. There is no ability to escape from Jail. There is no ability to use the "Escape" key in Jail, which prevents the player from choosing "Respawn" or "Abort". After fully serving a 3 minute Jail sentence, the jailed player will then be teleported back to the main respawn location at base. All weapons, gear and actions that the player last had before entering Jail will be returned to the player upon their release. This Jail script was designed specifically for the players and vehicles used in this mission.

Environmental Factors (Time of Day and Weather):
The mission starts out early in the morning when it is still a little dark out, but night vision should not be needed. The sky is clear and there is no predicted fog, clouds or rain. When the mission time reaches 13:00 (1pm), the mission time will set back to 12:00, so the remainder of the mission will always be clear and sunny daytime.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

Additional Notes:
There are so many additional features in this mission that it would simply be too much for me to list everything here. Things like added base protection, crater removal and a virtually indestructible base. There is a music PA system at base. I've implemented my own advanced scripted AI behavior, for instance enemy turret gunners will scan all directions. If an enemy artillery gunner is killed, the enemy in cargo will move into the gunner position and continue to fire artillery. I created a very cool mission ending. There are also some RHIB and CRRC boats just outside of base that are equipped with some additional gear. I have not discovered any bugs, which is amazing considering all the crazy scripts that I've created for this mission. I put a lot of work into making this mission and I hope you have fun playing it.

Addon Conflicts:
ACE 2 (Advanced Combat Environment 2) is not compatible with this mission. If you attempt to use ACE, it will most likely conflict with the scripts used in this mission and cause errors. I suggest that you play the mission "as is" using only the required addon island "Faysh Khabur 1.2". There are many addons will work with this mission, but I offer no support for any addons you decide to use, so if you receive errors, please do not ask me for help, but instead try playing the mission as intended.

Credits & thanks:
Addon Island: Faysh Khabur 1.2 by =KCT=Blackmamba
CLY Heal - by Celery - edited (Medkits & added Medkit HUD)
Additional Vehicle Armor - by Celery
Remove Dead - By Celery (plus my own "delete remaining enemy" script)
Launch Missile - by Kylania - edited and added conditions and kill score
Chopper Lift - by Giallustio (old version) - edited with added detection features
Enemy Spawn - by Murklor - as well as my own spawn scripts
Vehicle Respawn - by Tophe
Vehicle Service Point - by Xeno
Save Loadout - by Bon
Taskmaster JIP compatible tasks and notes - by Shuko
MHQ Deploy/Stow options - help from sxp2high and galzohar
Mission End "Nuke" - by Takko/Technoterrorist303 - edited (for cut-scene ending)
All other scripts and features - by SUICIDAL

I take no credit for any of the music used in this mission.

Very special thanks to everybody at Bis Editing Forums -
Very special thanks to FoxHound and Armaholic -

Mission Testers:
Jonathan Arn (Scudwiser)
Juan Felipe (Godspeed)
Kevin Cordice (ShadowFox)
Matt Horst (Colt)

Mission Inspiration:
Dante Powers (Raptorman87)
A Good friend and fellow Arma 2 player currently serving duty (2013).
You got a lotta guts man, we're proud of ya.

- Arma 2
- Faysh Khabur Iraq

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