elec's HeadLessClient Auto Detection Switch
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Elec submitted his HeadLessClient Auto Detection Switch.

    Quote elec :
    I wrote a script to auto-detect a headlessclient and let the mission be able to choose it to spawn units or do script stuff on it.
    Basically it's just a "auto" switch that ask if a HC is connected. If so, your scripts - like upsmon or whatever - will execute on it. If not the scripts will run on the server like normal.

    The thing is, you don't have to be change your "if (!isServer) exitWith{};" every time you build a headlessclient mission local to test it.
    Also if you want to build a mission that should be able to spawn your units on a headless client but it should be also run if no headless client is available or something like that.

    Read the notes in elec_HC_detect.sqf!

Written on 2013-05-20 17:23 by elec  

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