Author: wildw1ng
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.6

Date: 2013-09-15 22:17

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Three Teams WEST, EAST and GUER are fighting for supremacy over Stratis. The aim in conqu3st is to capture a neutral flag or enemy flags and hold them. Once captured, flags will give the holding team +1 tickets per flag every 30 seconds. The team reaching 600 tickets first wins (150 on infantry map).

Featured scripts:
- Virtual Ammobox System by Tonic
- TAW View Distance by Tonic
- Vehicle Respawn by Tophe
- Ambient Radio Chatter by Clarkey
- pilotCheck, rearmChopper by Rarek
- unitmarkers by Celery
- Helicopter Transportation by bob_gneu

Mission content:
  • conqu3st - Stratis (60 player, 600 tickets, 10 Flags)
  • conqu3st - Agia Marina (15 player, 150 tickets, 4 flags, infantry only)
  • conqu3st - Camp Maxwell (15 player, 150 tickets, 4 flags, infantry only)
  • conqu3st - Kill Farm (15 player, 150 tickets, 4 flags, infantry only)
  • conqu3st - Kavala (30 player, 300 tickets, 5 flags, infantry only)

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    Recommended server settings:

  • updated Virtual Ammobox System script to v1.9
  • fixed respawn script bug
  • disabled ammobox simulation
  • added tanks, artillery, support vehicles and cas drones to 'conqu3st - Stratis'

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    - BI forums

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