Serbian Armed Forces version 1.00 released
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MladjaSRB released version 1.00 of the Serbian Armed Forces on the BI forums.
This mod is compatible with Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA and with J.S.R.S. Soundmod.

    Quote mladjaSRB :
    ArmA2 Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) is Serbian modification of the popular combat simulator from Czech developer Bohemia Interactive-ArmA 2. In this mod,you can find authentic units of the Serbia Army.

    What brings us the mod:
    • The Army of Serbia
    • Special Units of Serbia
    • Realistic Vehicles and Weapons used by Serbian Army and Police
    • Many new Serbian made Weapons and Vehicles

    • Fixed:
        - 4th Land Brigade Group Error
        - BOV M10 now using PKT with 2500 Rounds instead of ACE KPVT
        - Lazar MRAP now have new Driver Optic
        - Lot of weapons shadows fixed
        - More LODs for Weapons
        - 2C1 Gvozdika Commander, Driver and Gunner can Turn in/Out Now
        - MiG21 now have GSh23l Cannon with 200Rnd instead of GSh301
        - CZ99 cant load RVMAT
        - Sniper in Desert Ghillie now have desert camo
    • Removed:
        - Removed SA9. Mod no more using ACE
    • New:
        - J22 Eagle Plane
        - ATGM Fagot
        - M70AB1 with Grenade Launcher
        - M70 Series New Sound
        - M21 Series New Sound
        - 72nd Reconnaissance-Commando Battalion Groups
        - MiG29 with S8 Rockets
        - Zastava M90 & M90A Assault Rifles
    • Updated:
        - Updated Classnames

Written on 2013-06-09 14:42 by mladja111  

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