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Short description: Sniper/marksman Elevation and Windage calculator for Android.

Date: 2013-05-21 11:51

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OSOK - Android Sniper Calculator for ACE


So, what is this?
For those that have ACE mod installed this is a marksman/sniper calculator for android phones. It is free and has no ads.

This is an app that makes the job of a marksman or sniper in ARMA II with ACE easy.
Currently supports all BLUFOR sniper rifles except the m109
Pick a weapon or weapon group and enter the correct values in the correct fields and the app calculates you elevation and windage settings on the fly.
You can switch between weapons and make adjustments to the values and the app will recalculate on every key-press.

How does it work?
    - Enter the range to your target obtained by any means, the more accuate (Rangefinder) the better.
    - When do I need to enter these values?
    Whenever there is a significant difference in elevation between you and your target the hypothenuse of a triangle is the value you get from the rangefinder, when it is the bottom leg you need to shoot correctly.

    If you have connected the Vector to your DAGR and use the range found in the DAGR after ranging the target, these values are not needed.

    You can not enter values that together with the range form anything but a right triangle. You will get 'NAN'

    Sh. Elev. ASL: Your elevation above sea level.
    T.Elev. ASl: Target Elevation above sea level.
    - Enter the crosswind in m/s.
    The windage value in the app is always positive unless you need to use the wind dir button (see below). In game you use the arrow keys to adjust windage to the left or right (positive/negative). You need to press [SHIFT-K] to get the wind direction. If the arrow is pointing right ingame it means you have to adjust to the negative windage value you got from the app, pointing left means positive value.
    - When do i use this?
    When you dont have a kestrel and you have estimated the wind strength by reading the ingame wind arrow [SHIFT-K]. You then enter your estimation based on the color code, then you click the wind dir button untill the arrow on the app matches the arrow ingame. It will shiw you the correct windage.
    - If you only enter a range but leave all other fields empty it will do a straight up elevation adjustment calculation based on the range only.
    If you enter wind as well, it will do that too.
    If you only enter one of the elevation values, they will not be considered.

    Before you have chosen a weapon type, the app will not do any calculation.
    After you have chosen a weapon, you can do this at any time, it will calculate on every keypress. This means that you can switch between weapon types using the same values while switching weapons. Effectively this means that one person could do calculations for three different shooters with three different weapons.
    - The accuracy accuracy will be effected by a couple of different factors.
    1: The nonlinear formula used is derived from the range tables found in game.
    2: The granularity of the clicks on the scopes ingame. Example: m107 is 0.25 moa per click.
    3: Headwind and tailwind are not considered at all.
    4: The values given by the player.

Use the downloadlink at the bottom to visit the Google Play Store and download and install this app on your Android phone. It requires Android version 2.2 and higher.

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