WIP Report - Spanish Army Mod FFAA
Work in progress

Today, Tisor released a video of their EOD robot on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Tisor :
    Good day guys!

    Today we are bringing one of the most awaited updates on the process.

    Our EOD Robot is finally alive!!!

    As always, Work in progress here.

    Before you ask, the keymap is as follows:

    Control + Arrow Up - Middle Arm Up
    Control + Arrow Down - Middle Arm Down
    Alt + Arrow Up - Lower Arm Up
    Alt + Arrow Down - Lower Arm Down
    May + Arrow Up - Upper Arm Up
    May + Arrow Down - Upper Arm Down

    What do you think about this? :)

For more info you can visit the Spanish Army Mod FFAA wip thread.

Written on 2013-05-22 12:14 by Tisor  

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