Mission pack : Proxy War by mathias_eichinger

Mathias_eichinger released the first beta of his new mission pack, which for now only includes 3 missions, Proxy War on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote mathias_eichinger :
    This mission pack contains 3 missions using addons, connecting some units from Arma 1 to the Arma2 world and is meant to be played in singleplayer.

    Witness the new enemy as a mercenary field medic (Mission 1: The Surprise), receive your baptism of fire as a sniper (Mission 2: The other side) and fight off the enemy as a mortar section leader in the CDF (Mission 3: Hold the Bridge)

Proxy War (@) beta 1

SLA Troops
ArmA2: Private Military Company

Written on 2013-05-24 11:22 by mathias_eichinger  

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