Author: oi8124u
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Version: 2.0

Short description: Full-sized rifle platoons organized in compliance with USMC standards.

Date: 2014-03-02 12:56

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Rifle Platoon Resource


A full-sized rifle platoon for the AAF (Independent), CSAT (OPFOR), and NATO (BLUFOR) organized in accordance with MCO P5060.20 PT.1 CH.9 (USMC). Made with Eden Editor.

Included files:
* MCO P5060.20 W CH 1 Marine Corps Drill and Ceremonies Manual.pdf
* MCRP 5-12D Organization of Marine Corps Forces.pdf
* MCWP 3-11.2 Marine Rifle Squad.pdf
* Rifle Comp Manpower Req.txt
* Readme
* 3x mission folders containing the .sqm files for the Platoons

* High Command System is utilized by the PLC to command subordinate Squads
* 3x Rifle Squads of 13
-9x Teams of 4 (3 for each Squad)
* All teams have been properly assigned in the editor (red, green, and blue)
* All units have a filled name and role field

HQ element
- 1x Platoon Commander (2ndLt.)
- 1x Platoon Sergeant (SSgt.)
- 1x Platoon Guide (Sgt.)
- 2x Corpsman (HM3)
- 1x Platoon Messenger (Pvt.)
Core element
- 3x Squad Leader (Sgt.)
- 9x Team Leader (Cpl.)
- 9x Designated Automatic Rifleman (LCpl.)
- 9x Asst. DAR (LCpl.)
- 9x Rifleman (PFC.)

Total manpower: 45

Installation / Usage:
To use in the editor, you need to navigate to your user profile in windows explorer and perform a simple procedure. Extract the .zip files content to the "mission" folder of whichever profile you elect to use:

Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\"username"\missions
Documents\Arma 3\missions

Afterwards, the template will be accessible through the Eden Editor in game!

* The Marine Corps Order Policy (MCO P), Marine Corps Referance Publication (MCRP), Marine Corps Warfighting Publication (MCWP), and manpower tables provided in this .zip are aproved for public release.

- Removed Designated Marksmen, replaced with Riflemen
- Removed support elements

- Edited: Marked all personnel in main platoon as playable.
- Edited: Small changes to Mission.sqm files.

- Edited: Rearranged platoon formation to be in compliance with MCO P5060.20 PT.1 CH.9.
- Edited: Created separate mission folders for each faction: Platoon, Platoon CSAT, and Platoon AAF.
- Edited: Minor changes to the naming field
- Added: Platoon Guidon Bearer
- Added: Platoon Messenger

- Edited: Corpsmen now part of platoon HQ element.
- Added: "High Command" structure
- Added: H.M.G. Teams
- Added: G.M.G. Teams
- Added: Mortar Teams

- Fixed: Custom unit names were not displayed
- Added: Green Army Platoon
- Added: Sniper Teams
- Added: Reconnaissance Teams (does not include Green Army)
- Added: One Flight of pilots per team
- Added: A.T. Teams
- Added: A.A. Teams
- Added: Mechanic Units
- Added: Officer Class Units now Lead Platoons
- Added: Ammo Bearers to EOD Units
- Removed: Rifleman [AT] Units

- Initial release

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