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Wok released his Stance Indicator script on the BI forums.

    Quote wok :
    I didn't like the existing addons for stance indicators, so I created my own but since I don't know how to create addons I made it a script.

    Arma 3 has three basic stances: STAND, CROUCH and PRONE. Each main stance have 3 "sub" stances: UP, MIDDLE, DOWN. I wanted the indicator to be as simple and small as possible, so I created it dividing a box in three columns, the first and last columns show the STEP LEFT / RIGHT stances (note that this is not the leaning done by Q / E keys, it's the adjust stance key + A / D). The center column is divided in 3 rows, each represents one of the main stances. The top one is STAND, the middle one is CROUCH, and the bottom one is PRONE. When one of these rows are 100% filled with color it represents the UP sub-stance, when it's half full it's the MIDDLE sub-stance, when it's a quarter full it's the DOWN sub-stance.

    I had many different ideas on how to do the indicator and where to show it on the screen, but it took me a few hours to do each one so I only made two.

Written on 2013-05-29 08:40 by Armaholic  

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